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I can remember running home with my mother and sister (we had been shopping in the Walworth Road) absolutely petrified as the incendiary bombs fell all around us.The German bombers were flying low and the sky seemed to be full of them.

This has prompted Graham to write about his experiences as an Evacuee: – I was just over 8 ½ years old when war was declared in September 1939.

When I returned from Devon, my school was shut, and I cannot recall if I attended school for a while.

Although we were at war, nothing seem to happen on the Home Front, and soon life began to return to some sort of normality.

We had to attend school with our gas masks, a packed lunch, a small suitcase (or something similar) with a change of clothes.

At school, labels were fixed to our coats or jumpers, and we assembled in groups ready to board coaches (we called them charabancs in those days), which would have taken us to railway stations and then onto “somewhere in the country”. War was declared, and immediately the evacuation processes began.

At the outbreak of war, all entertainment shut down.

Many schools were closed because the teachers had left with the evacuated children.

The threat of war had hung over the British Nation since the “Munich Crisis” of 1938.

During the early part of 1939 preparations for war began to occupy us at school.

I cannot recall being aware of lessons in ballroom dancing being available.

Perhaps the thought of trying to dance the waltz or tango wearing size 10 ½ boots put me off.

Does anyone remember “Betty’s” Café, or “Bate’s” Café?

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