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In esteemed company: Prince Harry is presented the award by former Secretary of State Colin Powell; at left is Former Sen Chuck Hagel, R-Neb, and at right is Frederick Kempe, president and Chief Executive Officer of the Atlantic Council And Mrs Biden, who was dressed in a yellow cardigan and bright floral flock couldn't stop grinning at the new arrival.

After a year's residence in Avalon, Sir George sailed south in quest of a more genial climate and a more kindly soil.He could erect manors, the grantees of which enjoyed all the rights and privileges belonging to that kind of estate in England. He could confer titles of honour and thus establish a colonial aristocracy.Of all the territory embraced within the boundaries clearly set out in the charter, "the grantee, his heirs, successors and assigns, were made and constituted the true and absolute lords and proprietaries".Baltimore, the chief city, increased 9 per cent in population during the census decade 1900-1910.The federal census of 1910 gives it 558,485 inhabitants as against 508,957 in 1900."On 25 March, 1634", says the Jesuit Father Andrew White, in his "Relatio Itineris in Marylandiam", or "Narrative of the Voyage of The Ark and The Dove ", "we celebrated Mass for the first time in the island (St. This had never been done before in this part of the world", and it was the beginning of the Maryland colony.

The expedition, the landing of which on the shores of St.The charter contained the grant of an extensive territory, which was set out and defined by clear and explicit metes and bounds, containing nearly double the present land area of Maryland, embracing what is now the State of Delaware, a tract of Southern Pennsylvania, 15 miles wide by 138 miles long, and the fertile valley lying between the north and south branches of the Potomac River.The means by which the lords proprietary were deprived of so large a part of the territory given to them by the express language of the charter does not belong to this article.Its total area is 13,327 square miles, of which 3386 square miles are water.The total population (1906) was 1,275,434; of this total 37.1 per cent was reported in the census as claiming to be church-members (23.7 percent Protestant ; 13.1 per cent Catholics ; 0.3 per cent all others), and 62.9 per cent not reported as church members.The numerical rank of the state has decreased in every census period, being sixth in 1790 and twenty-sixth in 1900.

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