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The freshman from Nashville, Tenn., sent the following message to SEC Country about said allegations: Soon after the TMZ report surfaced, WAFB-TV reported that the Baton Rouge Police Department was not going to pursue said charges.Per the report, the claim that Phillips sexually assaulted a female was “not credible.” Phillips, like the majority of LSU football’s freshman class, has been enrolled since June.

Intimacy is what you share with another human being who truly "gets" you.

Small wonder the quest for intimacy is everywhere, from earnest online dating profiles to bursts of social media confessionalism meant to elicit a long line of supportive affirmations and emojis.

While such missives may, in the short term, assuage the yearning to connect that most humans harbor, real intimacy can seem elusive in a world where quick text exchanges and apologies for being too busy to get together often supplant real-time, real-space interactions.

The process of opening to another, of self-revelation, takes patience as well as bravery, and the unhurried pace is a necessity for the creation of trust.

Friendships hold just as much capacity for intimacy as romantic relationships.

Intimacy is our emotional slow food, the lovingly home-cooked meal in a world of drive-thru orders.

One of the most basic facts of intimacy is that it takes time to achieve.As a result, the first steps of intimacy tend to be cautious ones.Social penetration theory, which defines the processes of relationships, holds that in building intimacy, whether with a friend or a romantic prospect, we engage in exploration.If the reason for the warrant states that it is for a fine that is due you can click here to pay on-line.The list is refreshed nightly, so if you see your name posted here after you have paid the fine for the warrant please contact the Clerk of Courts at 715-346-1364 to have it removed.The Portage County Sheriff's Office holds active warrants for the persons listed below. If you know the whereabouts or have any knowledge of any of these persons, call the Portage County Sheriff's Office at 715-346-1400 or your local law enforcement agency. You may also email the Portage County Sheriff's Office with the information at [email protected] The Portage County Sheriff's Office must verify all warrants before any action is taken.