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Owen Brennan's Restaurant — tie — The Second Line The Bayou has been an Overton Square mainstay since way before that area's recent renaissance.

Chefs Andrew Ticer and Michael Hudman have taken Italian food way past pasta and meatballs. Those categories marked "BOM" means the winner won with an overwhelming majority. The categories marked "Readers' Choice" means there was no clear winner. As always, we thank our readers for participating in the Best of Memphis each year. Flight Restaurant & Wine Bar — tie — Folk's Folly Prime Steak House Best Server 1. He's been known to go toe-to-virtual-toe with haters on social media and has hosted benefits to fight politicians who truck in discrimination. And if you want to get really close in this gorgeous old Midtown home with its long culinary legacy, the "Surf & Turf," a New York strip steak stuffed with fried oysters and blue cheese, is big enough to share. Located next door to Chef Kelly English's flagship Restaurant Iris, the Second Line provides a more casual (and perfectly named) dining experience. Jean Pruett, Aldo's Pizza Pies/Bardog Tavern/Slider Inn Best Late-Night Dining 1. This top-rated chef recently "cut the competition" on Esquire TV's Knife Fight. Folk's Folly Prime Steak House The dim-not-dark lighting in Restaurant Iris is perfect for a night of fine wine and sensual dining. The "second line" is all the people dancing behind the first parade, showing their appreciation of the music. Flyer readers love Mulan's atmosphere, its cozy bar, and its huge menu, filled not only with Chinese standards but also dozens of authentic and exotic entrées for the more adventurous.

Formosa Chinese Restaurant — tie — Mosa Asian Bistro This is the first year Mulan takes the prize in this category. The restaurant is set in a charming old Midtown house on Peabody with a rambling deck and a lively bar out back. well, when it comes to Thai, they're second to none. But for something completely different, go off-menu and order the tofu Banh Xeo, a rice flour and coconut milk crepe stuffed with deep-fried tofu and sautéed veggies and topped with carrot-daikon slaw. Majestic Grille With its cozy interior, comfortable patio, farm-to-table ethos, and menu stuffed with elevated comfort food, Mac Edwards' the Elegant Farmer lives up to its name and exceeds expectations. They also up the sandwich game with their Bahn You, Bahn-Mi, featuring mushrooms and sesame aioli on a French roll, and the PB&J with house-made pecan butter and preserves. Fuel Memphis' savviest eaters appreciate Elegant Farmer's farm-to-table vegetarian options, which include generous salads and a fine veggie plate. The cherry mocha notes of Maximo "Limited Edition" Tempranillo? If you're feeling the need to treat your sweet tooth, you can't do any better than Muddy's organic, preservative-free delights. This year, they won the Best Bakery and Best Dessert categories. Jasmine Thai & Vegetarian — tie — Pho Binh Bhan Thai is a repeat winner in this category. From steak pho to tofu pho, you'll certainly get your Vietnamese soup fix there. With six locations in Memphis and the surrounding 'burbs, Jimmy Ishii's Sekisui sushi joints offer top-notch rolls and other Japanese fare.

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