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Connecticut, a pioneer of the American free-enterprise system, has also been a leader in enacting social legislation.

Departments for the elderly and for children and youth services have been established to meet the special needs of communities.

There is nonetheless a long-standing, intense tradition of local autonomy.

These local governments maintain roads and provide elementary and secondary education and police and fire protection.

Below the state government are some 170 local units called towns.

They are creations of the state, with their rights and responsibilities set out in state statutes.

As populations increased and problems of administration became more complex, other systems were substituted.

Most larger communities have opted for a city form with an elected mayor and council.The justices of the Supreme Court and of the appellate and superior courts are nominated by the governor and appointed by the General Assembly for eight-year terms.Probate judges are elected on partisan ballots for four-year terms.The community and the state have become increasingly involved in health and medical care.Most people live within 10 miles (16 km) of hospital services, and doctors and other medical personnel are numerous.Larger municipalities also provide water and sewage facilities and other services.