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In certain cases, Ethiopians will go out of their way to please or entertain others, including strangers.Ethiopians appreciate warm greetings, handshakes, positive body language (smile or showing a sign of happiness) and a show of respect.

Asking about work is less common but depends on what class or background the person has.

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It is also important to bear in mind that Ethiopia is a large country with a large population.

There are clear distinctions between urban vs rural; between rich vs poor; between highland populations and lowland populations; between people who depend on agriculture as a way of life and the pastoral way of life.

There are political overtones to most aspects of life in Ethiopia and therefore, politics is a common subject of discussion.

However, one should be very careful as opinions can be very strong and there are risks involved in talking in public about ones political views. Only ask a few broad questions or comments about politics unless you really know the person. Political issues generally do not really involve foreigners—and it is risky to take sides unless one really knows what is going on. As in all cultures, one has to be careful of ’insider’ jokes. If someone dies it is very important to give your condolences—even to go to a wake/funeral for a few minutes is important.Of late there has also been more emphasis placed on one’s ethnic origin—the emphasis being on one’s distinctness as Oromo, or Amhara, or Tigrean, or Somali etc.However, many do not like these distinctions, as they realize the dangers of pulling apart their nation.Most Ethiopians seem to be indifferent, at least in public, about politics.However, it is possible your comments might be taken as criticism.Humour is generally fine—and everyone loves a good laugh. If appropriate, a financial contribution may be considerate as funerals cost a lot of money.