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Anyone can do research and plug someone else's finding but to postulate that something did or cannot happen due to his/her own limited understanding is both ignorant and foolish and sets them up for the grandiose 'famous last words' scenario. Well Swamp Thing, maybe back in the day of Medieval times when the learned men were like Bruno, Agrippa or Trimethius as science was quite limited in scope.

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Lo L True but probably the same way many people generalize folks according to previous experiences.I know one guy who's a Cal Tech grad but has a hobby of astronomy and he's quite knowledgeable about that but when I asked him a question about chemistry, he looked at me and said, "Who the hell do you think I am? Engineering in its purest sense is meant to take the advanced concepts that were developed by specialists and to apply them to the real world; they are the laisons between theory and functionality.Many of them do understand the advanced concepts that they defend well in-depth, it is more that they may not fully understand the bredth of the concepts considering they pick and choose from a vast array of information exactly what would be necessary for them to complete their work.My ultimate goal as a billionare scientist is to have at least 20 multi-million dollar projects going on involving as many areas of life as possible.I'd also fund an anti-religion campaign as well as governmental reform campaign (for a pure and good purpose) and also campaigns to promote awareness...My Cal-Tech friend, Fred, showed me some old magazine articles in which engineers and scientists back in the argued and pointed out that there was no way man could ever make it to the moon.

Yet forward thinking scientists persevered and discovered ways in which it was possible. I take umbrance with the statement of 'wanting to know barely enough about something' because that is not so. As a sales rep, I've met a huge amount of people from all walks of life over the years and I'm always amazed at how much the average person knows about a subject that interests them.

For example, does a mechanical engineer really need a degree in chemistry to fully understand what they need to know about combustion? should know about the inner workings of the human mind which is the realm of a Psychologist.

Does a civil engineer really need a degree in materials to fully understand what they need to know about designing structures? During the course of their studies, they may take classes from those outside disciplines that specifically relate to their field, but it is not necessary for them to understand the whole specialty outside their field. taking classes in organic chemistry as it relates to his field but still does that make him (or her) an expert on the synthesizing, manufacture and composition of drugs? should be able to know about all of medical science. But popular culture has turned a scientist into a know-it-all type of individual which is ridiculous.

as in waking people up to realities and the causes and effects of why their lives turn to shit and how to be healthier and more productive as humans..

I'd also fund competitive academic things for people who are motivated enough to impress me.

It's surprising that some people who made our sexiest scientists list still haven't been snapped up.

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