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It is said that all people who is calling the name of God will be saved. When you follow his commands then you follow his will and following his will means righteousness. 13 Let them praise the name of Jehovah, For his name alone is unreachably high. 14 And he will exalt the horn of his people, The praise of all his loyal ones, Of the sons of Israel, the people near to him. Thus, we really need a name for God to call upon for us to have salvation.Is only by calling the name of God assures our salvation? It is clear in James that faith without works is dead. It is like having wisdom yet not applying the truth or righteousness in your life. In addition to this, Psalms 68:4 provides us that Jah (YH = י ה , read backwards) is a short form of the name of God. The name Jehovah can be found also in Psalms in KJV and Ang Dating Biblia or Ang Biblia.

Since Jesus was Iesous in Greek and might be pronounce his name in Hebrew as Yeshua of Yehoshua which has Y in the beginning of his name then it is also true that Jah is a translation of Yah which is Ia in Greek. Eli Soriano is afraid to accept their challenge while their teaching have been proven to false so many times in the past.Posted by fromthesunrising in ABOUT JEHOVAH AND JESUS.The Watchtower is claiming that Jehovah is the only acceptable name for God since they believe that they are the true God’s nation and they assert that the name they call upon is the appropriate and the only name of God which is in the true congregation of God.Thus, whoever believes in their presented biblical doctrines then they have to accept this name.Jesus was written as Iesous in Greek and it was believed by many scholars and was accepted by many religions in Christianity that it maybe pronounced as Yeshua or Yehoshua in Hebrew and since this is true we accept the name of Jesus in our Bible translations having no problem on how it was pronounced before.

The names in the Bible were written in different languages. Isaiah is Isaias in Tagalog, Peter is Pedro, John is Juan, Stephen is Esteban and James is Santiago (which is quite so far from English) in Tagalog.For how can you accept the true teachings of the true God through his true congregation and yet denying the name of God that they call upon?On the other hand, the Jehovah’s Witnesses are using many different forms of name of God that differs in pronunciation.Tagged: ALLELUIA, BEHIND THE NAME OF GOD, GOD'S NAME, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUYAH, IAW, JAH, Jehovah, Jehovah's Witnesses, JW, PRAISE JAH, THE DIVINE NAME, YAH. (An Old Exposition about the Name of God) Most religions in Christianity believe that LORD and God are enough to address the God Almighty.For them, since the Christian Greek Scriptures or the New Testament (from which they claim the manuscripts found were original) has no name of God but rather only Lord and God and so they say it is proper and acceptable to call God in that way.Thus the last two letters in Allelouia in Greek language [IA] (wherein there is no letter H) was really from Ya which is also Yah. Notice if we are going to see again Psalms 68:4 which has a short form of a name of God which is ( י ה ) we can also be sure that Ia (Ya) is really Yah because in all short form of names of God in Hebrew it has two characters which is YH.