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Sandbox corporate refuses to back-fill those positions, and no one from the other offices is integrating into our clients.The result is more work for fewer people, longer hours, more people quitting; it's a vicious cycle.

Cons We pretty quickly realized that most of the promised benefits were simply not there.Legends of Aria returns to a true skill based system.Build your character your way, be you a crafter, adventurer, merchant or humble fisherman.It's something that could have been avoided if they went about doing business in a different manner Advice to Management I tried to give advice to management from the bottom up while I was employed at sandbox, it never worked.These suggestions were mostly around transparency and being honest with employees.Hard to do when we have so much work to do as it is, but the effort would at least make us feel like we're more to you than the limb you're about to amputate.~ Invest in this Office - Get us a new office lease; we know we're due, and it's clear the procrastination just stalling to figure out how much space you need to house those of us you're going to keep. These individuals were mostly from my original agency that sandbox acquired, the sandbox crew has a completely different work ethic2. Overarching sandbox leadership team has very poor internal & external communication skills and quite faulty business acumen2.

And while you're at it, send someone down to work out of this office while the "integration" is still going--at the very least, that would make it harder for disgruntled employees like me to cast you as the faceless villains. Good clients (I was in the agriculture sector of the agency)3. Agency doesn't pay their bills — I was in client services & had collection agencies calling & media vendors refusing to place client ads due to very large outstanding invoices3.The idea of Sandbox, in theory, is that all of the offices work together.Everybody brings their experience and skills to the table, and no one office is responsible for any one client or any one task. Over the last six months since the Sandbox acquisition was finalized, our office has lost 1/3 of its employees to layoffs or resignations.They're not efficient and just don't "get it".The agency I worked for before it was a part of sandbox was very efficient, had zero debt and had good client relationships.Meanwhile, the day-to-day management of our office has been assigned to the four senior-most employees from our old agency that Sandbox hasn't laid off yet--with no representation whatsoever from the company that bought us. Sandbox just announced that they had made the "strategic decision" to close an office and lay off the 20ish employees who worked there. To be clear, there are more nit-picky positives and negatives that I haven't listed here. But more important than all that: They will tell you Sandbox is all about collaboration. Now, protect that investment by making sure there's something of this office left in the future:~ Invest in People - Make a serious effort to back-fill the folks who have left.