Rules to dating an intj

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Rules to dating an intj - andrey andreev dating

The “duty filler” may seem like a strict and boring individual but they also tend to have a quirky sense of humor that most people around them appreciate, especially friends, family members, and acquaintances.

Their sense of loyalty and honor goes well beyond work and personal goals; this individual views relationships with the same code of ethics.Be single who doesn’t take your compassion and determination for granted but admires it.Wait for someone who likes giving you opinions, appreciates your efforts and supports your intuitions and most importantly be with someone who respects you for what you are.That being said, ISTJs can “relax” a bit more around those that they really care about and can learn to overcome habitual obstacles in order to have a healthy and successful relationship.Maturity comes naturally to a “duty fulfiller,” so it is certainly within their ability to learn to be more forthcoming with their feelings.Be with someone who gives you all the priority, who can make every other thing less important compared to him/her.

Don’t be with someone who is jealous of your achievements, your large social circle, your outspoken nature or limits your abilities and freedom and considers you to be his/her puppet.Although not exactly shy, this kind of individual may certainly appear so around strangers.ISTJs are nicknamed “the duty fulfillers” with good reason.Find someone who realizes your difficulties and finds it okay because it will pass.Don’t be with someone who is judgmental and one-sided and blatantly jumps to conclusions. In fact, it is the best decision ever, unless you find your only true soulmate, someone who will give you the place of peace and make it a reason to celebrate life joyously along with you every single day. An ideal partner isn’t someone who restricts you to his own boundaries and limitations, discourages you from doing something bold and new.

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