Ross dating janice

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Ross dating janice - katherine moennig dating

Again, it was nice to see him date an intellectual equal. Dated: Rachel Pros: He has a vulnerability that makes him sweet. I mean, he must if he hired her as his personal shopper. Cons: He's recently divorced which means Dated: Monica Pros: Kind, dapper, and a great provider. As if being Paul Rudd weren't enough, Mike evolves throughout his relationship with Phoebe, completely adapting to her crazy without losing himself in the process.

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Kathy may not have been a good match for Joey, but she was perfect for Chandler. Cons: She may have cheated, but probably not so much.

The real problem with Bonnie is that she's kind of a non-entity who pops up during one of the periods where Rachel is trying to win Ross back.

Without her shaved head, she'd be totally forgettable.

Cons: She's dating someone else when they meet, and she still sleeps with Joey. Monica would never date someone just for the money, but Pete's persistence (combined with his ability to fly her to Rome) pays off in the end.

Also, the play is a disaster, which isn't entirely her fault, but still. Dated: Ross Pros: Mona is a good step for Ross — a mature adult relationship. Cons: He's stupidly into becoming the Ultimate Fighting Champion.

So I asked myself, what is the most important thing to me in the world and that's when I came up with the baby plan. Wow, big family, seven sisters, and he's the only...

Monica: [looking over possible sperm donors] Okay, all right, how's this?

Dated: Phoebe Pros: Passionate and weird in just the right way.

As evidenced by his Halloween costume, Eric is also kind of a nerd, whose quirkiness suits Phoebe perfectly.

Moving from friend to friend is also not the most admirable behavior, although it's not her fault she fell for Chandler — and she made such a good case for it!

Dated: Rachel Pros: Though kind of a dick at first, Gavin turns out to be really charming and a great match for Rachel.

Dated: Ross Pros: An intellectual equal, which is rare for Ross. Just like Ross' ex Elizabeth, Tag looks good on paper but eventually proves himself to be too much of a kid.

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