Reviews of pre dating

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Reviews of pre dating

The closing take on Grim Reaper’s “See You In Hell” is also worth noting.

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It’s not the fast furious album that Virgin Sails was, but it’s another fine offering from Satan’s Host, especially when combined with the second, slightly amped-up album, Pre-dating God, Part 2.Featuring Patrick Evil on guitar, Margar on bass, Evil Little Hobbit on drums and Thisiren on vocals, this is the longest tenured lineup in Satan’s Host history.The music certainly continues in the vein of the band’s last two albums: an incredible blending of blistering double bass runs, fast paced trem picking, beefy power metal riffing and thrash-styled hooks.When combined with the soaring vocals of Thisiren, it manages to outshine the original.Pre-dating God, Part 1 is a well-balanced effort that sees Satan’s Host throwing on the brakes compared to previous efforts.Though the album starts off with a few barn burners, the overall feel of Pre-dating God, Part 1 comes across as brooding and almost ethereal at times.

The title track showcases this with its constant mid-paced crunch and “After the End” which starts off with melodic picking akin to ’80s hard rock, building into simmering saunter. Elixir in which he remarked that Thisiren couldn’t do harsh vocals.

The results aren’t exactly distinct from one another but there’s still high quality to be found.

When considering how prolific Satan’s Host has become in recent years, it isn’t too surprising to see them slide into a set style.

Whether they’re playing power metal, black metal, or something in between, there’s no denying that Satan’s Host has been pretty ambitious for a band their age.

Now on the latest phase of the reunion with original vocalist Harry Conklin, the band has taken the Use Your Illusion route by producing an album split into two halves.

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