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An American actor, Reid Scott is one of the versatile actors who is famous for his role Brendan (Brando) Dorff on the television sitcom, My Boys and as Deputy Director of Communications Dan Egan on the Emmy-winning HBO’s comedy series Veep.The successful actor is a married man and has one son with his wife, Elspeth Keller. Reid Scott was born on 19th November 1977 in Albany, New York, U. He attended Shenendehowa High School in Albany and for higher education joined Syracuse University.

He made all these brilliant business style chess moves and that's Dan.

The Emmanuel brothers really lent a hand- one in politics and one in entertainment, and was an inspiration- That character that's always hustling with an agenda.

Someone who is serving their client but really serving themself.

In the past that has kind of happened- one of our favorite moments was when Tony Hale's character of Gary went crazy with the budget on flowers with the White House decorator.

While we were shooting that episode, something similar arose with Michelle Obama, and it became this thing where people were saying that 'in a financial crisis how could they be on such a spending spree'- it was just one example of how many times we would come up with something bizarre and then while we were shooting it, something similar would happen. That's been a lot harder because I don't think anyone could predict how crazy this could be.

The couple is the parents of a 2-years-old son, Conrad, born in 2015.

As per the sources, the pair announced that they are soon to welcome their second child in 2017. They had tied the knot in October 2004, and after three years the pair divorced in 2007.Dan really exhibits so many traits of textbook co-morbid narcissistic and antisocial personality disorder (the diagnosis for sociopathic behavior)- this is again both written and played flawlessly.Is this conscious, and have you done any research on the disorders?(There have been a talks for a potential reboot.) I would Amy and Dan's twisted love-hate relationship is great, and oddly enough, even though these two characters are not really likable, it's hard not to root for them. In many ways, they need each other because they're so alike that they know that if one of them can hang, then the other one can also get down with whatever is going on- no matter how sick it might be.It's a great competitive relationship that keeps them going- which is what they really thrive on, and sometimes if you act on that sexual tension you lose the drive.I think both of them like the way things are and they don't want to lose that. It offers amazing side characters that keep popping up like Danny Chung, Congressman Furlong, and the unsung hero, Karen Collins played by the delightful Lennon Parham (Who might...MIGHT NOT..the greatest guest star in television history!