Radio carbon dating mistakes

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Radio carbon dating mistakes - Chattes excitee video

The AR-60 was available from 1935 up to 1940, an impressive five years of albeit limited production during which time a few hundred AR-60 receivers were built.This article will show the incredibly robust construction of the AR-60 and will provide performance details (including an alignment procedure) along with confirming (or debunking) all of the myths and rumors about RCA's fabulous AR-60. Rogers, January 2013 In 1935, RCA offered what must have seemed like the ultimate communications receiver.

But this just means that one should not hang their whole confidence on a lone radiocarbon date.This is evident first of all by the fact that it is part of a date list which is broken into three parts: "geologic samples", "archaeological samples", and "fossil animals".Clearly, Pennsylvanian coal would be listed as a geologic sample, but this sample of "coal" is listed as an archaeological sample. In the original reference the sample is described as "scattered coals in a loamy rock in deposits of a 26-m [river] terrace".Airways communications was developing in the early thirties and required both medium wave for navigation and high frequency for communications.The commercial market included shortwave relay stations that transmitted programs for rebroadcast at lower frequencies (AM BC Band) in distant areas of the country.A number of stories are commonly circulated about a shell, or a piece of coal, or some other sample which supposedly yielded a radiocarbon date which could not possibly be correct.

Such stories misrepresent the truth and do a disservice to science and public knowlege.

These were robust receivers that were "state-of-the-art" and literally out-performed and out-survived all other commercial maritime receivers with active duty throughout the 1930s. These were all medium-wave receivers that were necessary for ship communications that mostly was in the 100kc to 500kc frequency range.

High frequency communications was developing through the mid-twenties and shortwave broadcasting was becoming very popular by 1930.

Presented here are a few examples, exposing the truth about these stories.

A brief look at the original reference [Vinogradov et al., page 319.]...immediately reveals that the sample was not Pennsylvanian coal at all.

However, the AR-60 was intended for commercial and military use which required a level of design and construction that would provide the end user with a receiver that would be able to survive harsh environments and operate reliably over long periods of time.

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