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BS: Yeah and TV made you look bigger than you really are…

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You could not have watched the sitcom Half and Half and not love Mona Thorne. Well, it was me trying to "look" like Mona so imagine my "excitement" at getting an opportunity to interview her!I tuned in to experience the sisters’ journey of discovery as they tried to navigate their careers and dating while balancing family/daughter/sister duties. She represented a different kind of black girl magic.The kind my younger self desperately needed to see. However, when UPN transitioned to The CW, the show was axed before the start of the 2006 season.An even bigger star after the awesome interview she gave me...As you know, I do tend to get carried away when I'm excited so if it's too long, take a break and come back.We sat down with her at the Michaelangelo Towers in Sandton and here's how the interview went.....

Brown Shuga: Wow, you look more beautiful in person…Rachel True: Thank you, I think I like the way I look in film better than on TV though.TV kinda pushes you into that little box…that’s why I love doing movies coz then you are 30 ft tall!!The four actresses still keep in touch on social media, and recently met up at a "Craft" screening in Los Angeles."The movie has a following for a reason," Craft said."When I read for [the casting director] she called me up and said, 'Rachel, there's this film you have to read for,' so I called my agent and said, 'Would you get me in on this?

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