Qt widget not updating

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Qt widget not updating - descreate dating

Notice the group at the bottom of the palette on the left, the selected LED on the widget form, and the property sheet on the right.

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Additional parameters are described in the Qt documentation. accessor) methods are very simple - they just return the value of internal private variables. First, we handle the alignment property which specifies how the LED should fit into the space allocated to it by whatever layout within which the LED widget is contained (lines 149 to 168).

More importantly for our purposes, properties are exposed in the Qt Designer property editor.

Lines 13 to 18 specify six properties of the LED widget.

This macro allows us to add any sort of metadata we like to an object.

In this case, the Qt 5 Designer executable will not load your plug-in unless it sees the IID, a unique identifier for your plug-in.

There is an optional FILE parameter that we don't need here.

The plugin implementation is almost trivial: 6 LEDPlugin:: 7 LEDPlugin(QObject* parent) : 8 QObject(parent), 9 initialized(false) 10 12 13 QString LEDPlugin:: 14 name() const 15 18 19 QString LEDPlugin:: 20 group() const 21 24 25 QString LEDPlugin:: 26 tool Tip() const 27 30 31 QString LEDPlugin:: 32 whats This() const 33 36 37 QString LEDPlugin:: 38 include File() const 39 42 43 QIcon LEDPlugin:: 44 icon() const 45 48 49 bool LEDPlugin:: 50 is Container() const 51 54 55 QWidget * LEDPlugin:: 56 create Widget(QWidget *parent) 57 60 61 #if QT_VERSION to obtain an instance of the LED widget, We simply allocate a new instance on the heap and return it. The Q_EXPORT_PLUGIN2 macro ensures that the Qt 4 Designer will see our plug-in.When compilation completes do 'make install' to install the LED widget shared library into the default Qt Designer plug-in directory.Designer looks in this directory for any plug-ins and loads them (you may need administrative privileges to install the widget).We'll start by looking at portions of the header for the LED.6 7 class QTimer; 8 9 class QDESIGNER_WIDGET_EXPORT LED : public QWidget 10 { 11 Q_OBJECT 12 13 Q_PROPERTY(double diameter READ diameter WRITE set Diameter) // mm 14 Q_PROPERTY(QColor color READ color WRITE set Color) 15 Q_PROPERTY(Qt:: Alignment alignment READ alignment WRITE set Alignment) 16 Q_PROPERTY(bool state READ state WRITE set State) 17 Q_PROPERTY(bool flashing READ is Flashing WRITE set Flashing) 18 Q_PROPERTY(int flash Rate READ flash Rate WRITE set Flash Rate) On line 4, we include the Qt Designer header file. The QDESIGNER_WIDGET_EXPORT macro inserts OS-specific code that ensures the LED class will be exported in the shared library or DLL properly. LED is a QObject that defines properties and slots so we need the Q_OBJECT macro (line 11).Moc recognizes Q_PROPERTY and parses its parameters; the C pre-processor never sees it.

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