Poems about best friends dating

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Poems about best friends dating

But you've already departed, And my heart is feeling so low.I miss that little twinkle That used to light up your eyes.

Remember to include the poem on the funeral program so other mourners can treasure it as a keepsake.

When You Remember I hope that when you remember Lee, You don't think of her this way. Remember her in summer, As the sunshine kissed her cheeks.

Instead remember the good times you had, Or the funny things she'd say. Remember her in autumn, How she loved the turning leaves.

It may actually fit the deceased's character better than a sad and serious poem.

Pardon Me for Not Getting Up Oh dear, if you're reading this right now, I must have given up the ghost.

Reciting a poem can be a lovely way to pay tribute to someone who has passed away.

Try to choose a reading that your loved one would have appreciated, but keep in mind that your poem is just as much for everyone attending the funeral as it is for the deceased.I'll Be Waiting for You Although your heart may be broken, There's no need to weep for me.I'm in a wonderful place now, Where I'm happy and so carefree.I hope you can forgive me for being Such a stiff and unwelcoming host.Just talk amongst yourself my friends, And share a toast or two.Here are a few examples of different style poems you may want to consider.

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