Poems about best friends dating

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Poems about best friends dating - sandbox dating

So try to lift up your heads now, And dare to set grief aside, Because I'll be waiting here for you, To welcome you to the other side.

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You'll be so glad to see me again, It will seem I was gone just one day.

The most popular of funeral tributes, these poems will help you remember the good times you had with the deceased and the difference he or she made in people's lives.

A remembrance poem focuses on your loved one's positive traits and uplifts the mourners' hearts.

I'll Be Waiting for You Although your heart may be broken, There's no need to weep for me.

I'm in a wonderful place now, Where I'm happy and so carefree.

It started with a simple ring, You became husband and wife, You progressed to being parents And you’re still best friends for life.

You’ve travelled through life together Enjoying years of wedded bliss We congratulate you on reaching (Silver) (Gold) (Diamond)And we toast your happiness Jon Bratton 2012© May you always be each other's best friend, May your mutual love continue to be so May your successful marriage continue to thrive May love flourish, prosper, bloom and grow Have a wonderful day on your Anniversary Jon Bratton 2012© Rearrange this to make sense Your marriage is Derful-won!

I hope you can forgive me for being Such a stiff and unwelcoming host.

Just talk amongst yourself my friends, And share a toast or two.

But you've already departed, And my heart is feeling so low.

I miss that little twinkle That used to light up your eyes.

There are others here who miss you, And they've gathered here today. No one really wants to say goodbye, So we'll just wish you eternal peace.