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Will post our outcome It seems that you have a certain misunderstanding of what efficiency means.

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Did they name the brand or model of panels at the time of sale? A 2k W system is capable of producing 2k W regardless of the panel efficiency.If your only grip with modern is that they claimed their panels were 25% efficient you will have very little to complain about, so long as you got the 2k W system you paid for.You may have paid far more than what the market price dictate, but at the end of the day, it's your responsibility, you're the one who signed up. If they're the ones I think they are, german glass and german R&D.If your panels turned out to be in no way related to Germany I would not be surprised.The worst one I come across was K for a 1 kw system in 2009 after the K rebate At 15 degrees pointing west, I think to achieve the 25% efficiency we would have to strap your house to rocket and shoot it in to space :) That is the first time I have laughed over this topic but you're right. I didn't think we were that naive either he was good at his job :( I believe honesty is always the best policy.If they said you were getting German panels (verbally? ) panels for German panels and many would argue that you are also no better off.

) and you didn't get them, I guess you have some cause for complaint. A better way to approach this might be to find out if the system is actually performing as well as they promised, as I suspect they may have also oversold this aspect of the system....

I don’t condone dishonest means of conduct louring clients into a false sense of security. I don't condone anything Modern have done, or the way they work and I am sorry that you got stung by them.

My gripe is that I was told I was paying for a top of the range product and I didn’t get anything close to it. But what is it exactly they said you were getting, that you did not get? jyavenard's point about the panel efficiency being irrelevant is largely correct.

You’re entitled to your opinion however would you feel the same if it happened to you?

Yes I did sign on the strength that the information I was given was true and accurate.

Very good Chinese manufacturer who don't advertise as a 'german' panel.