Person intimidating with gun

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Given enough time and the right tools, there isn’t a safe made in the world that can’t be broken into.

Bolting down this cheap gun safe kept burglars from stealing it.It may have taken the movers an hour or two to move it in, but most of that time was spent making sure they didn’t scratch your walls, floors, or the safe.Burglars do not care about destroying your house to avoid going to jail, or even just for the fun of it. Most people assume it’s impossible to remove a gun safe because they don’t think like thieves.These thieves stole 15 guns in a 500 lbs gun safe that wasn’t anchored in place.If 2 or 3 guys got it into your house with a truck, 2 or 3 guys can get it out too.The majority of thieves don’t carry around tools to break into houses because they know they can incriminate them if they’re caught with tools and no reason for having them.

If a cop catches a guy walking around a neighborhood with a crowbar, it’s liable to get some attention.

Poncho Nevárez (D) “threatened my life on the House floor.” “I called ICE on several illegal immigrants who held signs in the gallery that said, ‘I am an illegal immigrant and here to stay,’ ” he said in a statement after the incident.

Rinaldi went on to detail purported threats against him from Democratic lawmakers, saying he was assaulted and had sought the protection of law enforcement officials.

You may be right that it’s almost impossible to get the safe out your complicated stairway without the proper equipment, but that doesn’t mean burglars won’t throw it down the stairs and through a wall trying. They may have spent years on the street fighting and years in prison lifting weights. Burglars usually adapt things they find around a home for all kinds of purposes.

If they need to get a gun safe across a floor they may throw it on a big blanket and drag it out.

“He saw the crowd, and he saw illegals,” state Rep. He wants to see them gone so much, to the point that he called ICE.” At one point, some of the language between the two sides apparently turned violent.

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