Online free text chat with aunty

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Online free text chat with aunty

I would suspect that any mishap was partly, at the very least, my own stupid fault for not being focused and aware.For not sensing the jeopardy, for being unable to fight or flee, for stumbling intoxicated into the maw of danger. Women cannot exult in the freedoms and emancipations that come with being captains of our own ships without accepting responsibility for our big bad selves at the same time.

Charles Saatchi is still doing everything to blacken his ex-wife’s name.

Among her detractors is the chief executive of a campaign group which acts to reduce violence against women, who said: ‘Whoever the rapist, whatever the circumstances, the state of intoxication of the victim is irrelevant. Yes, we all do things that are idiotic and careless.

I shudder to think of the wine-fuelled scrapes I might have gotten myself into over the years.

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Veteran agony aunt Irma Kurtz has been dispensing advice to anxious women for nearly four decades.

Kurtz is suddenly in the dock, accused of being a rape apologist, a victim-blamer and worse. See her as the very devil, a traitor to the cause, a turncoat and vile witch.

The 78-year-old’s ‘crime’ was to mildly suggest in a Radio 4 Woman’s Hour interview this week that women should not get drunk around men because it put them at risk of being raped.

This was back when speaking out about equality and women’s rights really meant something, instead of just being a cocktail party pose with which to impress yourself and others.

Now — after all these years of unstinting support for the sisterhood, after all this blameless time hacking away at the coalface of guidance-giving — ka-boom!

And acceding that being drunk just might make a woman more vulnerable to rape is not at all the same thing as suggesting she is somehow responsible for the rape. On nights out, most of us, at one time or another, have been stupid, but fortunate. Police in York now suspect that missing university student Megan Roberts fell into the local river and drowned after drinking too much on a night out with her friends.

Surely someone such as the unimpeachable, kindly and helpful Irma Kurtz can suggest this without being shrilly accused by indulged, militant modern feminists of being a victim-blamer? Another innocent revelry that seems to have ended in tragedy.

On the pages of Cosmopolitan magazine and elsewhere, Irma patrols the troubled territory peopled by the heartbroken and the worried, the lovelorn and the lost.

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