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Online dating service cleveland jewish single - dating people with cats

Favorite part of Jewish Cleveland: The fact that it really feels like a true community, and that people really back and support one another.

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As a divorced father of two awesome kids, my life is pretty complete. Celebrity crush: Ellie Fredricksen What song do you belt out in the car when no one else can hear? I don’t care if it’s 95 degrees out and my air conditioner is broken, I’m singing that song.“Setting the World on Fire” by Kenny Chesney featuring P! ” What she says: I’m a really family-oriented person.I would do anything for my nieces, my sisters and my parents.Favorite Jewish holiday: Sukkot because I love the fall. Last trip to Israel: May 2016, when I lead a birthright trip.It reminds me of when I was younger and always helped my dad build the sukkah in the back yard. Bar mitzvah memory: After I finished my haftorah, and everyone throws the candy, most people duck down but I went to the middle and baited people to hit me.He always puts other people first, especially people he cares about.” What he says: I’m a fun person.

I enjoy living an active lifestyle and learning and doing new things.Last winter, I traveled to Thailand with a few friends, and I love those types of eye-opening experiences – experiences that give you culture shock.Connect: Slide into my DMs on Instagram at @milgrom_pilgrom or Facebook. 23 | Cleveland Heights First-year graduate student studying social work at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Favorite place to grab dinner: Mia Bella in Cleveland’s Little Italy neighborhood Favorite place to grab a drink: CLE Urban Winery in Cleveland Heights Qualities you’re looking for: Someone who is funny, intelligent and an animal lover.I don’t really care that much, but I prefer someone who’s Jewish. Last trip to Israel: 2009 Bat mitzvah memory: Dancing to “S. S.” by Rihanna From her nomination: “Her dedication to Judaism, sense of humor, laid back nature, intellect and beauty will shine through in the Jstyle Singles Issue! I also like The Side Quest and 16-Bit Bar Arcade (both in Lakewood).Dating horror story: I told someone I was more of an eater than a drinker and he never texted me back. What song do you belt out in the car when no one else can hear? “Listen” by Beyoncé from “Dreamgirls.” Favorite Jewish holiday: Chanukah because there are no major strings attached. ” What she says: I’m very much my own person, and I don’t do things just because I’m expected to. Qualities you’re looking for: Somebody who reads a lot, because I read all the time; somebody who’s passionate about what they do — it doesn’t matter to me what they do as long as they’re happy; and somebody who’s always willing to try new things, whether it’s an activity or restaurant – I’m always interested in trying new things.I always liked the word “firecracker” that she used to use. What song do you belt out in the car when no one else can hear?

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