Online dating service cleveland jewish single

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Online dating service cleveland jewish single

Favorite Jewish holiday: Sukkot because I love the fall. Last trip to Israel: May 2016, when I lead a birthright trip.

As a divorced father of two awesome kids, my life is pretty complete. Celebrity crush: Ellie Fredricksen What song do you belt out in the car when no one else can hear? I don’t care if it’s 95 degrees out and my air conditioner is broken, I’m singing that song.I like to spend time with friends; I’m a social butterfly, and I want someone who’s along for the ride and wants to do the same things. Favorite place to grab a drink: The Fairmount in Cleveland Heights.Qualities you’re looking for: I’m looking for someone who’s kind and compassionate, who’s family-oriented, and who can put up with my (two) sisters and my mom — and all of their opinions.“Setting the World on Fire” by Kenny Chesney featuring P! ” What she says: I’m a really family-oriented person.I would do anything for my nieces, my sisters and my parents.I ran out of the car before he even got into the driveway. Favorite part of Jewish Cleveland: I just like that everybody seems to know everybody, or knows somebody who seems to know somebody.

Celebrity crush: Sam Hunt What song do you belt out in the car when no one else can hear? It’s at my mom’s house, and nothing beats mom’s cooking. I’m always running into people who are friends of friends. From her nomination: “It is her patient, caring and passionate nature that makes Jessie such a catch in Jewish Cleveland!Longest relationship: 10 years How would your bubbe describe you to a prospective mate? Last trip to Israel: 2005 Bar mitzvah memory: None that won’t get me arrested. As a mensch, pretty grounded, down-to-earth, kind, as a would-do-anything-for-anyone type of person, and as someone with a pretty big heart. Favorite Jewish holiday: Passover because you get to be with friends and family, and I like spending time with family. I learned my entire portion and pretty much the entire ceremony in three weeks so he’d be able to make it – and he did. 26 | Cleveland’s University Circle neighborhood Beachwood Kehilla Second-year dental student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Favorite place to grab dinner: I like anything on East Fourth Street.Favorite part of Jewish Cleveland: Going to parties and recognizing everybody from Jswipe. He’s committed to Judaism, committed to the community, committed to Cleveland and committed to the country.” What he says: I’m fun-loving, and a father above all else. Favorite part of Jewish Cleveland: I like that i’s a pretty close-knit community. It’s like a big family, and that’s pretty awesome because you don’t really find that in other places. Favorite place to grab a drink: Wild Eagle Saloon in downtown Cleveland Qualities you’re looking for: Someone with the same life goals as me –someone who’s in line with my ideas of what I want my family to be and the type of household I want to have, as well as career goals. Turnoffs or deal breakers: I don’t like messy cars.He always puts other people first, especially people he cares about.” What he says: I’m a fun person.I enjoy living an active lifestyle and learning and doing new things.Favorite Jewish holiday: As a kid, I liked Purim because it was like a second Halloween, but now it’s probably Passover because it’s a big family holiday for my family. Bat mitzvah memory: I was the last of my sisters to have a bat mitzvah, so mine was more casual. Favorite part of Jewish Cleveland: The fact that even when you don’t know somebody, you feel connected to them here. and has a unique perspective of Cleveland.” What she says: I like to think of myself as very nerdy.

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