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Someone who cares about other people and the greater good, and who’s socially liberal. Turnoffs or deal breakers: Hunters, animal haters and being boring How would your bubbe describe you to a prospective mate?She’d probably say I’m smart, funny and “a riot.” Are your dating habits “kosher”? 27 | Beachwood Park Synagogue Bartender at The Greenhouse Tavern in downtown Cleveland Favorite place to grab dinner: L’Albatros in Cleveland’s University Circle neighborhood Favorite place to grab a drink: I love craft, old-style cocktails, so for those, it’s The Speakeasy at Quintana’s Barber & Dream Spa in Cleveland Heights.

I like to read, I’m into sci-fi and I like to learn a lot. I like to be outdoorsy and rock climb, and I like to have a good glass of bourbon. 31 | Lyndhurst Elementary art teacher in the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District Favorite place to grab dinner: It’s between the Aladdin’s Eatery in Mayfield Village and Pizzazz on the Circle in University Heights.

Turnoffs or deal breakers: Arrogance is always a turn off. I think it’s always been something I look for, but I kind of just go off of what I feel.

There’s a fine line between arrogance and confidence. How would your bubbe describe you to a prospective mate? Celebrity crush: Two who battle it out are Benedict Cumberbatch and David Tennant.

I ran out of the car before he even got into the driveway. Favorite part of Jewish Cleveland: I just like that everybody seems to know everybody, or knows somebody who seems to know somebody.

Celebrity crush: Sam Hunt What song do you belt out in the car when no one else can hear? It’s at my mom’s house, and nothing beats mom’s cooking. I’m always running into people who are friends of friends. From her nomination: “It is her patient, caring and passionate nature that makes Jessie such a catch in Jewish Cleveland!

One is “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton and the other is “Fresh Eyes” by Andy Grammer.

Hidden talent: I can eat a whole box of cookies in one sitting. Last trip to Israel: My birthright trip five years ago. I just remember it being crazy and running around all day.

I am looking for someone to complement my completeness. Favorite Jewish holiday and why: Passover because it’s a time when family and friends get together at my parents house.

A strong independent woman who is sweet, caring, athletic and knows how to have fun. Turnoffs or deal breakers: Someone who is negative and pessimistic. You never know what race, religion, nationality or sexual orientation will show up at our house, and we all sit together as family. behind the bar – or with your bubbe on the dance floor. 26 | Beachwood B’nai Jeshurun Congregation Leasing manager at Goldberg Companies in Beachwood Favorite place to grab dinner: Shuhei in Beachwood Favorite place to grab a drink: I don’t drink very much. Qualities you’re looking for: Somebody who’s gregarious, sensitive, kind and a good listener. How would your bubbe describe you to a prospective mate? Celebrity crush: Taylor Swift What song do you belt out in the car when no one else can hear? Hidden talent: I can make one of my eyes kind of lazy. Last trip to Israel: 2014 Bar mitzvah memory: I had my bar mitzvah in a one-month period because I didn’t think my grandpa would make it.

Longest relationship: 10 years How would your bubbe describe you to a prospective mate? Last trip to Israel: 2005 Bar mitzvah memory: None that won’t get me arrested. As a mensch, pretty grounded, down-to-earth, kind, as a would-do-anything-for-anyone type of person, and as someone with a pretty big heart. Favorite Jewish holiday: Passover because you get to be with friends and family, and I like spending time with family. I learned my entire portion and pretty much the entire ceremony in three weeks so he’d be able to make it – and he did. 26 | Cleveland’s University Circle neighborhood Beachwood Kehilla Second-year dental student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Favorite place to grab dinner: I like anything on East Fourth Street.

Favorite part of Jewish Cleveland: Going to parties and recognizing everybody from Jswipe. He’s committed to Judaism, committed to the community, committed to Cleveland and committed to the country.” What he says: I’m fun-loving, and a father above all else. Favorite part of Jewish Cleveland: I like that i’s a pretty close-knit community. It’s like a big family, and that’s pretty awesome because you don’t really find that in other places. Favorite place to grab a drink: Wild Eagle Saloon in downtown Cleveland Qualities you’re looking for: Someone with the same life goals as me –someone who’s in line with my ideas of what I want my family to be and the type of household I want to have, as well as career goals. Turnoffs or deal breakers: I don’t like messy cars.

25 | downtown Cleveland B’nai Jeshurun Congregation Entrepreneur and owner/founder of Favorite place to grab dinner: Johnny’s Little Bar in downtown Cleveland, but if with a date, Southside in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood.

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