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"I was involved with Ashley, and I know that is why I found out what was going on," Angela Reynolds told TODAY Parents. " Reynolds said she now urges other parents to know everything they can about the social media their children use. "Understand how social media works, the ins and outs.

"You need to have a conversation and an agreement about the right kind of online behavior — not just one time, but maybe every week, or every month.

Though we knew there would be other boundaries and guidelines around his usage of the i Phone, that one rule was the one we wanted stuck in his head forever.

If you suspect your child has been the victim of sextortion, Cordua said your first step will be to take a deep breath.

Using the Kik Messenger, the blackmailer would promise to erase the photo, unless Curtis handed over more cash.

The person he was chatting with threatened to share his naked pic with Curtis's Facebook friends, and with his employer, unless Curtis sent money.

How can parents protect their children from being the victim of these kinds of online sexual exploitation?

Thorn CEO Julie Cordua said the danger begins when kids gain access to an electronic device with a camera — whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer — and any form of social media, including online gaming platforms and You Tube in addition to the usual suspects like Snapchat or Instagram.Once your child is online or has a hand-held device, there are six things experts say you need to do to help protect them: "It's one thing for a child to have access to a device like a computer in the family room, another for them to actually hold a device in their hands," said Cordua.Children online behind closed doors might be more vulnerable than those who play on computers in high-traffic areas of the house where more eyes will be able to see their screens, she said."I think that we did all that we could for a suicide investigation," said Dekker."He fell into this trap that so many, so many do." He added: "We felt like we'd hit a dead end, and for the suicide that we'd proved everything that we needed to prove."I want to warn others and warn as many people as I possibly can about the evils of the internet and talking to strangers," his mother, Cindy George, told Megyn Kelly TODAY.