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By Tuesday night the Broncos issued a release stating that Murphy had been sent home.In press conferences and news releases, agencies from local sheriff's offices to the FBI congratulated themselves for the successful undercover operations timed to the Super Bowl, leading to more sensational headlines: “Super Bowl Sex-Trade Crackdown Nets 200 Arrests, 14 Underage Girls Rescued,” claimed

“I figured he’d drop her off and we’d get home.” After driving a few miles they pulled up to a gas station, adjacent to a Motel 6.

She—or an agent of hers—had placed a sexually suggestive ad on that was answered by an undercover officer working for the Santa Clara County Human Trafficking Task Force.

In such an “in-call sting,” the police arrive at the arranged meeting place, detain the woman and, says Lieut.

And the statistics rarely account for the targeted increase in enforcement resources.

What would the arrest numbers be if these sprawling, multiagency sting operations were launched in, say, August, and not in January?

Yet the evidence that the arrival of a Super Bowl correlates with an increase in trafficking ranges from fuzzy to nonexistent.

The few statistics regarding arrests made in and around the game often conflate prostitution and coercive sex trafficking. After the 2014 Super Bowl, New Jersey authorities announced that antitrafficking efforts “recovered 16 children between the ages of 13 and 17 and arrested more than 45 pimps and their associates in Super Bowl–related activities.” The release did not mention that this abnormally high figure was culled from a tristate area and backdated to months preceding the kickoff.

Many people can, and do, debate the ethics of prostitution and of adults’ trading consensual sex for money.

(Almost half of all Americans believe that sex work should be legalized and that prostitution, usually a misdemeanor, should be decriminalized.) On the other hand, the more serious crime of sex trafficking—federal definition: “the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act”—is, indisputably, an act of evil.

And the story line is not unique to the Super Bowl or to the U. Name a major sporting event and, inevitably, you’ll find publicity warning of a spike in sex trafficking.

But, again, the empirical case is a hard one to make.

From the front passenger’s seat of the Ford Fusion parked at a gas station, he breathed a sigh of resignation and reached for his wallet.

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