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Bryan could almost forgive the small fights they had as children.

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He sat on a sofa in the living room, fidgeting, waiting for the long minutes to pass. Her hair was a golden blonde, like her son’s, and she had hazel eyes that stood out in her face. In Bryan’s university abroad, many girls would offer anything just to spend a night with him.

They barely talked to each other, but frequently they stole glances at each other.

More than once they brushed skin to skin in the kitchen, and it felt electric whenever Anne’s skin touched Bryan’s. Bryan wanted to look some more, but Anne stood up and faced him. “I hate being alone, so I need to chat with friends while you are gone.

Four long years had turned his step sis into a very beautiful woman with an ass that he was just dying to fuck.

Plus, he finds out that she was just as lusty and sex-hungry as he is when it comes to cyber-sex.

It was a bright and humid August morning, and it was going to be a big day. However, the girls don’t really have to try so hard. He was willing to try many things, especially when they sound so sexy and very exciting.

“I’m just not used to sitting around and waiting for people, mom, sorry,” Bryan confessed. Your stepsister doesn’t really want to be fetched at the airport, so we’ll just approach her as she comes to our door.” “Was she always like this?He was reluctant to touch her back and embrace her properly, but Anne’s fingers were soon rubbing his back, gently. “I’m sorry honey, but Sally’s still renting the other room and won’t be out in a few days. Anne said, “Would you like us to share rooms, just like the old times? She had lived in this room for years anyway, and she had shared it with Bryan for years too, until she turned twelve and moved to another room.In one stroke, Anne rubbed a little too far down, almost touching the cheeks of Bryan’s firm ass. While she was hanging the last of her clothes, her mom knocked on the door.Her ass was round and firm, slightly bigger than the rest of her frame. ” Her eyes burned with interest and amusement, but her friendly smile tried to hide it.Bryan fought his urges to squeeze the thick flesh that was round, warm, and inviting. “The last time I saw you, you were even shorter than me!After four years, Bryan is going to meet his stepsister once again.

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