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I know about wanting to wander around Italy with a partner, a lover, a soul mate and putting it off because we haven’t found them yet.But are we so scared of being alone (only in the romantic sense, as most of us do have family and friends!

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So here is that other bit on financial institutions and their password policies. They mailed me (like, in an envelope) a little card with a grid of letters on it, which i need for logging in. I grew up on seven different streets and easily confuse their names. I’ve sent detailed emails to all of these places objecting to their password policies and use of security questions, but the most encouraging response i’ve gotten (naturally) is a not-quite-generated letter about valuing feedback and passing it on to engineers. In the meantime, i have a few sites to build, and no good options for letting people log in.Well, that brings me to another article I read a while back that also stuck in my brain.A mother was writing about taking her kids to the fair, after they had been begging to go.Stop making up crap to justify that he wasn’t a Fuck Yes, or that you weren’t his (or her) Fuck Yes. (And, yes, I am mostly saying this to women because I think we are far more likely to get trapped in the grey, to play nice, to give too many chances and to justify things being less than great.) And yes, I understand why we do this.And for everyone’s sake, stop saying those encouraging, placating bullshit things to your friends who are wondering if they should date a grey or why the guy they liked hasn’t called. I understand the consequences of waiting for the Fuck Yes. I know about being single while all your friends are having kids.Here is a list just of places i’ve tried to use recently: on their login forms, which prevents browsers from saving passwords. Okay, cool: ask for something i know and something i have. Did i refer to my high school mascot as “Bob”, or “Bob the Bobcat”? I might as well just ask you for your username and trust that you’d only log into your own account.

I rigged a greasemonkey script to defeat that, but their login forms are so convoluted that it’s a crapshoot whether anything actually gets saved, so i’m still lucky if i can remember my sometimes. I went to log in, and they asked for my password, and some letters off of the card, and the . This best-selling multiple, from their limited edition series, showcases the designers' sense of humor and multidisciplinary work using unusual materials and industrial processes.In order to vote, comment or post rants, you need to confirm your email address.) that we will choose unhappiness, mediocrity and hard work over dinner for one?Yes, it can be hard to be single, but surely being happy on our own is better than being discontent with another.How many of us have been taught to live in the grey? I remember, years ago, dating a guy for a couple of months.

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    But if it also coincides with being difficult, dating might be a long, tough road for you. The trick to that is knowing how the man you’re with is perceiving you, and being able to tone down or turn off the traits he might find as reason to dump you for someone more agreeable.

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    What book-lover hasn’t at least thought about bringing his e-reader into the bath, shower, or even the pool? But bathtub reading isn’t a problem with the new 0 Kobo Aura H2O, a waterproof E Ink e-reader that can survive being dunked in more than 3 feet of water for 30 minutes…

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