Newspaper articles on dating abuse

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JF&CS is a provider of human services in the greater Boston area.Their Journey to Safety program is aimed at preventing domestic abuse in the Jewish community, while helping those who have been abused find a way to safety, regardless of their background or beliefs. is a non-profit 501.c(3) organization which closely partners with the Middlesex District Attorney's Office.

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Interestingly, teen girls who had sought emergency care for an intentional injury in the last year had twice the odds of reporting violence in their dating relationships.But the lack of data on men as both victims and aggressors means there isn’t a similar recommendation for screening them.The new study, he hopes, will add to the understanding of how dating violence affects young men.In addition to Singh, Walton and Cunningham, the study’s authors include Lauren K. Teen Dating Violence According to recent statistics, one in four teenagers has experienced violence in a dating relationship.Dating violence is not about getting angry or having a disagreement.

In an abusive relationship one partner is afraid of or intimidated by the other.

The results are published online in the “It’s important to think about both genders when trying to identify teen dating violence, especially when there are other conditions we may be trying to assess in the health care setting,” says Vijay Singh, M.

D., MPH, MS, the study’s lead author and a U-M clinical lecturer in the Departments of Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine.

Probing deeper, the study finds that those with depression, or a history of using drugs or alcohol, have a higher likelihood to act as the aggressor or victim.

The findings, from the largest-ever study of the issue in a health care setting, suggests a need for health care providers to ask both young women and men about whether their relationships have ever turned violent, and to guide them to resources.

“These data remind us that teen relationships are not immune to violence and should encourage providers to ask adolescent patients about this important issues,” he adds.

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