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One method is enhanced weathering which is the application of rock powder to terrestrial, coastal, and open ocean environments.

What are the advantages of carbon sequestration in the ocean?

The local and regional impact of increasing ocean alkalinity is potentially more acute, and specific to the technology used.

For some, this may impact coastal ecosystems, while others are concerned specifically with the open ocean.

Globally, the environmental impact of increasing ocean alkalinity depends on what concentration of CO is high, then alkalinity addition may help ameliorate the impacts of ocean acidification.

Increasing ocean alkalinity also increases the saturation state of carbonate minerals, which, if too low, will negatively impact carbonate-producing organisms in the ocean such as shellfish and coral.

An increase in ocean alkalinity could be achieved by dissolving rocks and minerals either directly in the open ocean or through engineered systems.

This would lead to a build-up of calcium, magnesium, or sodium ions in seawater and thus an uptake of CO to form bicarbonate ions.

Global carbon cycle modelling suggests that the ocean has the capacity to store carbon on this scale with minimal global environmental impact.

This storage capacity is similar to underground injection of CO, a practice which is already taking place in some countries.

Increasing ocean alkalinity may also help protect corals from ocean acidification.

Credit: Toby Hudson (CC BY-SA 3.0) The oceans contain more carbon than soils, plants, animals and the atmosphere combined.

This long-term storage of carbon in order to mitigate climate change is known as “carbon sequestration.” What is the capacity of the oceans to sequester carbon?

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