My best friend sex chat

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My best friend sex chat

Fortunately she didn’t see us, but almost getting caught got us both so fucking turned on, we strip totally naked and continued making out feverishly.

I can see her on the couch spread legged and rubbing her dripping wet pussy while I play.

My crazy friend moved me to the couch, put me on my back and kept tossing my salad as I tried to finish the game as best I could.

She took off my pants and thong that were already wet with my juice and continued licking me, kissing my pussy more deeply, sucking a little on my clit.

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These teen lesbians were smoking hot and the possibility of getting caught was the thrill!

Now we need a follow up threesome, with the stepmom joining in.

Sex with women wasn't like this, this instinctual, this painful.

Something about him, about knowing this naked body in my arms, of knowing the lips on mine, even of feeling the male genitals against my stomach for the first time, which felt gross, sticky and weird, made me whole.

Usually I would have invited some blonde bimbo to come up with me. I'm not particularly good looking, scrawny, short, teeth fucked up from fights, drinks and drugs. It wasn't what I was looking for anymore, but what was I did not know.

I could have impregnated the bitch to clear my head. This is how I came to look not at a beautiful girl in her underwear begging me to eat her out, but at my best friend, drunk and pathetic.

I looked at him, this face I had seen a thousand times but was now looking at me with a range of emotions it never displayed to me before. I wanted to scream that he should shut the fuck up and be a man. I closed my eyes, pressed my lips onto his and ignored the cold, stern kiss back. My teeth bashed into his, our mouth wide open in duel.