Moonlight dating sim cheat

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Moonlight dating sim cheat - Srpski cam chat

Forcing yourself to work with 0 HP will trigger a cut scene and you’ll end up at The Hotel.

Talk to and give gifts they like to raise the Mood to be full in order to kiss.

To solve this, the player would enter the same code with a lower case “D.” Entering this code will increase the main character’s hit points (HP) by 100. Kiterin’s nickname is Kit, which the player should also enter with a capital “K.” This is one of two character-specific codes, in that they affect the relationship between the main character and her love interests.

This cheat increases the main character’s experience with the Kiterin character (which determines how well the two know each other and is important if the player is aiming for a “finding love” ending).

The game is based on the fan fiction of the author (known as “Maid for Me”).

The story revolves around the main characters in the game-by reading this story, individuals wishing to play the sim game can find the game cheats within the context of the story.

Return back to the South Outskirts and the stranger has also added to the drawing, click on the drawing again to add another doodle.

Keep repeating these steps, after 5 rounds of exchanging doodles, a cut scene will occur.Once you have enough successful dialogues with the character, a message letting you know that you can now give gifts to the character will appear.Dates are a great way to increase your Relationship.When selecting the option to input the cheats, the game tells the player clues about the cheats (i.e.the clues are the last name of Jaiden, the nickname of Kiterin and the name of Mina’s sister). The objective of the game is to help the main character Mina to find either love or fame in 60 days.

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