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By contrast, low rates of symptom progression, better psychosocial factors, and better respiratory function are all associated with better outcomes.

The meaning of Qo L is difficult to describe because it encompasses objective and subjective indicators, a broad range of life domains, and individual values.

For instance, a better understanding of the roles of disturbed RNA metabolism and pathological protein aggregation has given new hope that novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches can be developed [].

Older age, male sex, family history of ALS, and bulbar onset are consistently reported as markers of poor prognosis.

We aimed to study the impact of ALS on Qo L and Do L and how these evolve throughout the duration of the disease.

First, we performed an observational, descriptive study of 43 patients with ALS recruited from the ALS unit at our center and compared them with 20 healthy age- and sex-matched controls.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for ALS at present, and the disease is normally fatal within 20 to 48 months from onset, although 10%–20% of patients with ALS survive longer than 10 years.

The cause of death is normally respiratory insufficiency or aspiration pneumonia [].The latter track, with its group-shout flourishes and less-than-convincing yee-hawin', is the first , Young flirted with bro-country on the Jake Owen-featuring "Back Home," and someone must have further encouraged him. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is an incurable neurodegenerative disease that dramatically affects patients’ quality of life (Qo L) and dignity of life (Do L).Consequently, the concept of dignity of life (Do L) is intimately associated with the principle of autonomy in biomedical ethics: that is, it is always the patient who decides and who has the final say [].One of the first studies to explore dignity therapy in people with ALS indicated that the end of life experience could be enhanced by supporting the unique identity of a person and by helping family members during bereavement [].ALS may also cause severe cognitive and behavioral impairment such as frontotemporal dementia [].

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