Minecraft 1 7 auto updating

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Minecraft 1 7 auto updating - problems with dating your boss

If one is found, please install the update; if for any reason there are no available updates or the updates do not solve your issue, please see to get assistance.

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For Version Checker the filename is for example 'Version Checker-1.1.4.jar'. The only thing you then need to do is host a file somewhere and update it when your mod updates! In this way I still allow mods to use their own preferred type of version detection, but I allow for easy integration!

If you are having trouble following the directions below, please see this.

Once you have found this, look for your manufacturer in the table below and go to their "Auto-Detector" site and scan your computer for any out-of-date drivers.

This error message is commonly caused by outdated video card drivers.

To fix this, you generally need to update your video card drivers, please follow the directions for your Operating System below.

Version Checker can find out what is the version in the file name, with a String.

This String will contain the file name of your files, but on the place the mod version would normally go this '[]'. Please take a look at the 'information for modders' tab.- Add another String to the NBTTag Compound with info about your file name.Version Checker needs to find the version of your mod with your file name.If you've ever run a mod server, you know the frustration of instructing users on which mods to download and how to install them. Yes, you just found this awesome mod that you know everybody will love, but.Then you have the problem of config files, many people have no idea what to do with these and might just give up. most of your users will have no idea how to install it.- Host a file like this somewhere and make sure it's accessible via a direct link and make sure this link doesn't change - Change the values to fit your mod (don't forget to set is Direct Link correctly! Update" using Reflection (constructor takes one String (the mod id) as parameter) or by depending on it. - Use the "to Json()" method to get a String of the class - FMLInter Mod Runtime Message(YOUR_MOD_ID, "Version Checker", "add Update", string) string is the string returned by to Json() Think you know how to optimize my mod and you know a little Java? It uses an FML feature called "Inter Mod Communications", all mods integrating with Version Checker currently have to use that (although I will allow other ways in the future)! Cool, I was planning on making a mod which would be a combination of this and Open Eye, but since both already exist, there is no reason for me to make that anymore Looking forward to a possible Open Eye integration with this.

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