Mennonite dating customs

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Mennonite dating customs - dating espana

It was as entrenched in our Mennonite culture as adult baptism and chicken farming. First of all, there is some debate in Mennonite circles as to whether we constitute a distinct ethnic group or just a religious sect.

These days, the more assimilated a Mennonite you are, the less likely you are to drink yerba.

Many people have the impression that Mennonites, like our theological cousins the Amish, live quaint agrarian lives. However, if you stroll through Steinbach, Altona, or any of the other Mennonite enclaves on the Canadian Prairies, you’re bound to be a little surprised.

The Mennonites around here speak fluent English, drive cars rather than buggies, and buy the same horrible clothes from suburban malls as anyone else.

In the 1920s the Canadian government shut down private Mennonites schools and forced Mennonites to learn the English language.

As a result, many of the more conservative Mennonites felt this was as intolerable intrusion on their freedoms and moved in large numbers to Central and South America.

Originally there were two main branches of Mennonites, the Swiss German and the Dutch.

The Dutch branch, of which I am a part, originated in the Netherlands in the 16 century, but are more commonly referred to by the misnomer “Russian Mennonites,” even though we are not ethnic Russians, though we did live there immediately before immigrating to North America in the 1870s.Lacking a durable alliance with the state anywhere in Europe, Anabaptists constituted one of the most persecuted and most mobile religious populations of the Reformation and Confessional Ages.A single, clearly defined magisterial office was also absent from the movement, and the Anabaptists' migratory experience encouraged regional variations in the movement that built on its distinct starting points and traditions.Because of this history, Mennonites were often isolated and developed certain attributes of ethnicity.Russian Mennonites developed a unique dialect known as Plautdietsch and we also have certain customs of dress and culinary traditions.However, in small Mennonite towns it was everywhere.

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