Mennonite dating customs

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Mennonite dating customs - dating a codependent man

In the 1920s the Canadian government shut down private Mennonites schools and forced Mennonites to learn the English language.

I won’t discuss that here, other than to say that if Mennonites are an ethnic group, we’re, at best, a potpourri of many cultural traditions rather than anything uniquely our own.Originally there were two main branches of Mennonites, the Swiss German and the Dutch.The Dutch branch, of which I am a part, originated in the Netherlands in the 16 century, but are more commonly referred to by the misnomer “Russian Mennonites,” even though we are not ethnic Russians, though we did live there immediately before immigrating to North America in the 1870s.In fact, I used to think that sipping on yerba was ‘a Mennonite thing.’ I assumed we invented it, because I didn’t know anyone else in Canada who drank it.I would often see Plautdietsch-speaking old men in suspenders sitting on lawn chairs in their front lawns sipping some yerba and gawking at the neighbours.Mennonites from Manitoba moved to the Chaco area of Paraguay in 1927.

Many of them were successful farmers, but because they retained their Canadian citizenship, many Paraguayan Mennonites have moved back to Canada, bringing yerba drinking with them, thus further complicating this thing known as “Mennonite culture.” In the meantime, the Russian Mennonites who never left Canada became assimilated.

All of these aspects, however, were absorbed from our various host countries.

For example, many of our surnames date back to our origins in the Netherlands, but in the 1700s we took the German language from Prussia and in the 1800s we took perogy-eating from Ukraine.

Perhaps the best you could say was that we enjoyed it before most Canadians.

Like everything else in Mennonite culture, yerba tea is not really ours, but we’re sure glad the South Americans were willing to share.

Lacking a durable alliance with the state anywhere in Europe, Anabaptists constituted one of the most persecuted and most mobile religious populations of the Reformation and Confessional Ages.

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