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Backstage's Great Perforamnces issue, on newsstands Dec.6, will feature a piece on her discussing her craft, Knightley also took the time to speak frankly on several other topics, including how she often dies on film; how Wright was resistant to casting her in "Pride and Prejudice," their first film together; and how her Mr.

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If I'm doing the same stuff all over again, I'm going to get so bored it's unbelievable so there's no point in doing that.: No, whether a film has worked or not, it's out of my hands.

She harbors a sensual lyricism that plays on the big screen like something from French actresses Isabelle Adjani or Juliette Binoche.

Director Joe Wright has built his career on British television such miniseries as Bodily Harm and Charles II: The Power & The Passion.

For the cover, her attire contrasts with her angelic ivory top, which features floral detail and as the words on the cover suggest, fans see The Voice Australia star as they have never seen her before.

North American moviegoers are being treated to a smoochier finale to Pride & Prejudice, which opens wider Nov. "You got the more sugary one," says Matthew Mac Fadyen, Mr. and Europe, the last scene concludes with Elizabeth's father (Donald Sutherland) giving his consent when Darcy asks for her hand and then, being in an expansive mood about his unwed daughters, declares, "And if any young men come for Mary or Kitty, send them in, for I am quite at my leisure." But when Yanks sat through a test screening, they swooned over an alternate ending where Elizabeth and Darcy kiss in a moonlit haze of post-nuptial bliss on a terrace. C., who liked the movie but missed Colin Firth, who was Darcy in the 1995 BBC miniseries.

The petition, addressed to director Joe Wright and production company Working Title, gripes: "What did us poor Austen aficionados (in the country of her birth no less) do to deserve such injustice?

Her spunky facial expressions flash with an unsentimental flair that leaves a lasting impression. More significantly, Keira Knightly is an adept actress whose film roles, up until Pride and Prejudice, have only hinted at her range.

Even when it wasn't my decision what I did, I've always been so grateful that somebody was offering me a part that I was excited by it.

If you don't have a level of excitement about it, you can't do it.: Yeah, in an ideal world I really would have like to have finished University and sort of quietly managed to make my mistakes and learn. My dad always says, "I wish this had happened in five years time, because I wish you could have been 20 and got really pissed and slept with loads of people and made mistakes and nobody would have known about it."I agree with that, but this is not a job that you can choose. OK, it's here now so either I do it or I don't do it.' And I went, "OK, well I'm going to do it." And it will be gone in a minute. That's what's beautiful about acting, is it's a flash in the pan so you may as well enjoy it and see how far you can go.: I was terrified to the point where I begged my agents not to put me up for it because I've been so obsessed by the book.

I think Elizabeth Bennet is one of those characters that is everything that you want to be and everything that you are at the same time. She's the kind of person who says all of those put-downs that you walk away from situations wishing that you had said.

But she's also really annoying and you want to kick her up the ass and shake her and say, "Oh, come on." That's what makes her really human.

I'd get terribly bored if I was doing the same thing all the time.

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