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Also how to choose better, how to avoid some of the early dating pitfalls because early dating is such a delicate time frame, where you are trying to be open but not an open book. You want to share yourself but not reveal too much, not say something that might inadvertently drive the other person away. SS: I had some early success in the first month or two — what I thought was success — but what I learned is it was faux success.Even though I thought I was making progress, I was still doing the same things I had always done.

SS: There was this a-ha moment I had on my birthday.

e H: One of the things I gather from what you have said so far, but you haven’t used the word, is you learned not to be desperate. To that question you just asked, I don’t want it to sound harsh, but whatever you think you are going to have is what you are going to create.

So the first step for someone who thinks they are going to be single forever is to do whatever it takes to get a more positive outlook. Because if you believe there is no possibility, that is what you are going to continually create.

There is all different ways it is happening now and he was really kind of traditional.

That is what I was looking for, so I was, “Hallelujah” when he established his reliability.

Another thing I learned is if you are really downtrodden about yourself, dating and men, take yourself out of the game for a little while.

You are not going to be achieving much if you are going out into the dating pool down and out about your prospects and thinking that you have no chance. So you need to take yourself out of the game and do whatever, like therapy, or coaching, or take a massive trip that is going to be rejuvenating, or take a class. It all starts with you and what you believe you can have. SS: I knew he was really different from the start because he was really different from all the other guys in New York City.Wouldn’t you rather that than spend six months to a year with someone that you have no future with?I think that is a big mistake that women make and I used to make — a lot of just going with the flow. If you are looking for a long-term partner, it is not a good idea to just go with the flow. What I learned is that just going with the flow, and seeing whatever happens and not finding out if the person is seeing anyone else, sleeping with anyone else, not interested in marriage, not interested in kids when that is what you want, that is a dating mistake right there.If you are not aware of how you yourself are contributing to these negative outcomes, you can’t shift the outcome.So the main thing was instead of blaming the scene, or my parents, or the past guys I dated, I really had to make a shift to personal responsibility: What have I done to actually cause or create these outcomes I don’t want?e H: What are the biggest revelations you had after doing this self-exploration? The biggest revelation was that no how-to kit on its own is going to change someone’s deeply engrained thoughts, habits and patterns. I say this in the book: I wanted to put on my love lab coat and get out my check list and be, “Okay, I exhibited open body language.

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