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The Irish and Scottish generally assume that a relationship as such is exclusive from the very beginning, as is the case in Slovenia, where the status of the relationship is usually not discussed.

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In Portugal, about a month passes before people decide they are serious about a relationship, and 2-4 months before the relationship progresses physically.

The following study was conducted within the context of the 2012 Erasmus Summer School in Scotland.

The aim of the research was to gain insight into the differences and similarities in the area of dating and romantic relationships.

The Irish look for both casual and serious relationships as well, but the serious are seen as a natural next step in life after finishing school, when a steady income is being earned.

One of the most common “rules” of relationships is concerned with exclusiveness.

This matter cannot be left unsaid if the relationship is supposed to be called serious.

An interesting difference in the way the Irish express their interest in other people’s love life in comparison to other countries was found. Concerning the public display of affection, it is generally accepted in most countries as long as it is restricted to holding hands and moderate kissing, with the exception of Ireland.The emotional aspect follows the physical, as in Germany.In Slovenia and Scotland, 1 to 3 months pass before physical progress is made.The findings show that pick-up lines are neither used seriously nor popular regardless of the country in question.People who use them seriously are regarded as acting in a ridiculous manner. Me neither, but it's enough to break the ice." Instead, most resort to casual conversations and an indirect expression of interest, such as offering to buy a drink or asking for a dance.The discussion whether a relationship is going to be exclusive or not is most commonly encountered in Germany and Croatia.

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