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“In fact, my clients are those who have been to many countries in the world.

The 21-year-old bar owner and music promoter is shut in a soundproof recording studio in his home, coaching a new band.Web: Viet Lien Such Vietnamese fashion designers’ names as Sy Hoang, Minh Hanh, Lien Huong, Kieu Viet Lien, Le Minh Khoa, Vo Viet Chung and so on are no longer strange to international trading partners who are interested in Vietnamese fashions since their products have step by step approached the world fashion market.One can be very sursprised to find that there are several fashion shops named Le Minh Khoa and his products displayed in luxury shops in Hong Kong, one of Asia’s leading fashion centers, and his shops are also present in China’s Guangzhou province.Source TN – Translated by Kim Khanh ———————— On Nguyen Trai Street, Kieu Viet Lien has brought her new moped indoors.The 25-year-old designer is kneeling on the floor of her shop surrounded by paper patterns and pieces of green silk, preparing for a fashion competition.Lien, Xuan, Nhung and Huy have never met, but they are from the same generation–those for whom the war never happened.

Children of one of the starkest generation gaps in the world, they have no interest in hearing about the hardships their parents endured in a war that ended a quarter-century ago.Notice that her designs tend to carter to the younger markets as well and reflect more westernized designs with Asian influences.You may visit her website and see her complete collection.They have not lost the tenacity and endurance of their parents.But learning from the West, this is a generation no longer afraid to say “me.” Theirs is a world of cell phones, mopeds, long days at work and long evenings in coffee shops.As the aged cadres in Hanoi debate whether private enterprise is a good thing, young entrepreneurs in Saigon have already decided.

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