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Since this route was amended, it was considered a scenic route for me. As I completed the CP2 route and headed out for CP3 Taman Cabaran, I could start to feel the heat. The initial weather forecast for Saturday 11am to 6pm was supposed to be raining. As i was walking/ running along the highway, i was telling myself “lang ho ho chomik I ki cho 160km? The volunteers at CP4 asked me if I wanted any drinks or food.

To me, CP5 (Taman wetlands) – CP8 (Promenad Precint 7) was all new. This ultra event, specifically requires you to be tentative while on route, since the markers are placed very far apart (~ 4km) from each other.

The weeks and days leading to the event waws really torture for me.

In parallel, I transferred by 100km bib to Davy Woon, who was my dorm mate in Putrajaya.

Although the instructions says reapply after 24 hours, I did not want to add an additional suffering for this run. But, each time I run, I would over shoot the route and ended being off course. ” kept circling in my head every several kilometers. Previous 100km ultra runs didn’t make me feel this way. You can clearly see the effectiveness of our development and planning. The walkways where uneven, due to underground roots from the trees which have been planted but not maintained. But as i mentioned about our efficiency, we build but we do not maintain. I do hope our super bright headlamps did not spoil their romantic date night. I’m pretty sure they where cursing at us as we passed by. Finally, the hot coffee and cup noddles for dinner. The journey back from CP8 to CP7 and CP6 was pretty fast as we where hungry.

There where portions where i was even off course for 2km. There was a point that i decided to take it slower and safer. That was when I decided it would be more efficient of me, if i would buddy with him rather than being to smart and run by myself. We quickly depart from CP7 and made our way to CP8 Promenad Precint 7, also known as half way point (80km). While making our way there, Chandru and I were talking about hot cup noddles and coffee to keep us awake for the 2nd leg of the race. The “road ultra” soon turned to be trail ultra as i was tripping over roots. Need to bee very careful not to fall and break anything. We met the top 3 runners (Jeff, Yimister, and Odef), making their return route. “It must be CP8 halfway point cup noodles and cold beverages”, I thought to myself. Much to our disappointment, there was no hot water. We managed to stop by at 7-11 on the way to CP7 to get a can of cold coconut juice and cold mineral water for a quick cold shower. We started to pick up our pace and ran for several km before we overshot and missed a turning. Manage to have my 3in1 tongkat ali coffee to keep me awake for the last 50km stretch. It seems that our previous cut-off time buffer was depleting.

I am happy to say, the Ahon gaiters did its job well. I have had similar issue while running Titi100 this year with the stupid pebbles.

The last thing you need while tackling your run under the hot sun, are blisters or cuts on your toes. I recharged my ipod, my garmin and replenished my hydration at that point. As we were leaving, we met several runners coming in.

He told me to go ahead, I then bid my farewell and prayed that we will meet each other at the finishing line.

I took a sachet of the TZ active gel and a gulp of water.

I’m sure even if they charge RM3/can of cold drinks, people would buy. I sure am glad that i decided to wear my Ahon gaiters.

Going through the highway and Taman Wetlands, there were areas where it was very dusty and had many loose pebbles.

I prayed that all fellow 100 milers manage to meet the cut-off. Upon reaching CP2, I had regain the buffer to cut-off by 1 hour.

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