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(She started shooting commercials before she was nine, and made her first film at 11.) ]"When I was younger, the idea of fame really appealed to me, but now I'm older I realise it's about opportunities."However good you are, for all that time you're unknown and begging, “Please hire me,” you have only a 25 per cent chance of getting the job."Then there's the 'dumb blonde' syndrome that pervades Hollywood.

She's just getting to a place that she's satisfied with when she gets pregnant.

"We loved working together so much, and our dynamic.

We both felt there was more there to explore."So we've created this show that we're trying to get off the ground.

"When Katie was nine her aunt took some pictures of her and sent them to New York modelling agencies.

She was soon signed, and started shooting commercials.

"I never felt, “I'm going to make you take me seriously,”' says the naturally blond Katie.

"But as I got older, I realised, “I see – you make assumptions about me because of the way I look.” It doesn't necessarily offend me because it's clear within five minutes who I am."Still, she knows how easy it is to stereotype people."I thought Josh was in his 30s because he looks much older than he is," Katie says. The instant Grey's Anatomy finished shooting its third season, she rushed off to film what could be next year's hot romantic comedy, 27 Dresses, about a woman who is always the bridesmaid, never the bride."He's a very wise, put-together young man, very ambitious in his own right, but grounded. Ten years ago, romcom queens Julia Roberts or Meg Ryan would have been given first refusal for the role. "I've been acting pretty much my whole life, and waiting for this opportunity," she says.Even in reunion."It would really come down to whether or not [showrunner] Jason Katims has the time to write a script that would live up to the episodes he wrote on the show originally," she said."He's a super-busy, successful guy - he's got a lot going on.With her role as an accidental mother in the forthcoming comedy Knocked Up, Katherine Heigl is set to become Hollywood's new romcom queen. She can be serious on screen without making audiences cringe."She was so gorgeous – tall and leggy – that I asked, “Are you a model? I like joy, happiness and laughter."Instead she saves her serious side for challenging the Hollywood rule that states you mustn't rock the boat. People will understand me better and trust me more if I tell it like it is. I'll say, “This is me in all my glory – take it or leave it.”"A few months ago Katie made headlines in America by publicly lashing out at Grey's cast member Isaiah Washington for a homosexual slur against another cast-mate, T R Knight, who hadn't yet come out as gay.