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The web series has also seen many guest appearances from the likes of Ben Schwartz, Hoodie Allen and Rick Fox.

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The two have discussed how they brainstorm ideas in each other’s characters, and it’s easy to see how the actors have become with their roles. In a recent podcast, Hurwitz and Blumenfeld talked about how they both want to pursue other things they are passionate about including writing for TV and film.“Hopefully, people can think of ‘Jake and Amir’ as our first show,” Hurwitz said on the podcast. The pair were asked to write a pilot for a show on TBS and have yet to hear from executives about filming it.

There is still a chance that the show will come to fruition, but they both aren’t overly confident.“Ever go on a date with a girl, and it goes really really well so you go, ‘Cool, we should go out again,’ and then she doesn’t answer you for a year? A comedy tour this summer is on the cards, but not much else is guaranteed for the comedy writers/actors.

Eight years ago, when Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld filmed themselves talking about global warming, the web series "Jake and Amir” was born.

What started out as a side project has become a pillar of College Humor, an online entertainment company and a pioneering web series.

I have a really good idea, if we just take a screen cap of that one part and we'll take it into MS Paint and write something like "Box of Popcorn, .99. Amir's face at this part, priceless."Amir: Let me explain it to you. If I'm sitting here in silence, and you're also sitting there, I'll just be like, "Don't get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning" and then you can tip your cap or whatever.

and Amir Blumenfeld played heightened versions of themselves on the College Humor web series Jake and Amir.Looking back, that first episode is hilariously not funny.In the nearly 800 episodes that followed, however, the comedy duo has brought genuine laughter and unique insight on much less important subjects. The College Humor stalwarts announced in late January that the final eight episodes would go up during one a week, starting Feb. On their podcast “If I were You” Blumenfeld described the experience as bad as attending one’s own funeral.Though a TV adaptation of the web series failed to get traction at TBS and tru TV, they’ve just come out with a new project on Vimeo, where they leave their old character behind for good. The last couple years of doing the [College Humor] videos, we were joking around all the time, making these different characters that we couldn’t explore because they didn’t make sense with the We grew up and started hearing these dating stories. I would say that the harder transition was more on the writing side, when we were creating the character. Each episode was like a mini-vignette of some scene in his life we wanted to explore. They wanted to make longer episodes, but less of them. It was nothing, it was a complete wasteland out there. It’s called Lonely and Horny, and it stars Blumenfeld as Ruby, an abrasive nerd desperately swiping his way across Los Angeles. You guys played the same characters for eight years. So intend of like, 800 three-minute videos, why not make ten-by-ten. hen we were shooting for College Humor, we were both directors, we were both actors, we were both writers. You had to both drive to a car, both valet your car. In mid-2007, the pair began uploading short improvisational skits online, eventually starting their own blog, Jake And Amir Dot Com. That's my kite." I'm not even explaining it right 'cause I'm so amped still. it's the best feeling when you just see it in the wind, blowing and shit, unraveling the spool.

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