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A better way of doing things would be to keep your reps as they are if you were trying to build muscle, keep sprints and don’t start going for long runs, Bulking and cutting dominate the bodybuilding and fitness industry.

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Men are far different beasts than our women counterparts.We’re less likely to visit the doctor and exercise, and yet we suffer from more health problems and we die at a younger age. I’m not only showing you scary stats and problems with how we eat and train, but providing a solution wherever a problem arises.We’re stubborn animals that are made-up of some dramatically different hormones that our environment seems to be hard at work on diminishing (see ‘Testosterone Article‘). Make sure you go through all 50 then add your men’s fitness fact in the comments section.New studies are showing that our fat cells are most responsive to insulin spikes during the morning.This means that foods like carbs or dairy that spike our insulin levels are actually feeding our fat cells.Vitamin D improves immune system strength and function, it aids in calcium absorption, maintains brain function later in life, as well as a host of other benefits.

Get some sun, or take the supplement and stay healthy and happy.

The fact is that pulling more and developing bigger back muscles actually pulls our shoulders back, giving our chest and shoulders a broader look.

Not just for looks however, our back muscles are some of the biggest on our body and are involved in many of our pushing movements.

But you can obviously go overboard, which has a very negative effect (fact 16).

Walk into a gym and you’ll most likely see guys working the ‘mirror muscles’, that is, those muscles that are seen in the mirror.

The reality is that we all have someone to talk to, even if we don’t realize it.

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