Intj and intp dating

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Intj and intp dating - who is tata young dating

The INTJ personality type according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator stands for the keywords Introversion, Intuition, Thinking and Judging.

Understand that you must communicate your dissatisfaction with particular areas of your relationship with your INTP partner.Neither partner in an INTJ INTP relationship does well with emotions, and you might be initially deceived by the seemingly stoic demeanor of your INTP partner.What seems to happen is that feelings build and bubble under the surface, only to be released in explosive and wrathful episodes.This information should serve to inspire you, especially in the face of tension or a period of conflict in your relationship with an INTP.As an INTJ you are gifted with the ability to observe and analyze and you must use these attributes to your advantage if you want your INTJ INTP relationship to thrive.Add this to the INTP’s general lack of ambition and a somewhat bleak sense of the viability of an INTJ INTP relationship might arise.

If there is one thing that crops up time and time again in the discussions of this relationship personality pairing it’s that both individuals learn to adapt to each other over time.

As an INTJ you value your INTP partner’s high standards which have the effect of pushing you to always be improving yourself.

You also love the presence of your partner’s Perceiving function which injects some much needed spontaneity into your relationship, pushing you out of your comfort zone albeit in the safety of the confines of your relationship.

Veritas odium parit (truth breeds resentment – but you knew that).

Yet the truth told in the context of a trusting, loving relationship makes you see it for what it is: guidance from somebody who deeply you and cares for you.

But be careful – the truth from an INTP can sting like no other.

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