Interracial dating marriage in china

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Interracial dating marriage in china - men looking for dating

There, in the care of her father’s first wife, she is abused and molested as a child until the age of 7, when he brings her back to the Philippines.

It took courage for Aurora to bare her soul and her deepest secrets to another person.

Those who did were baptized and their names Hispanized.

They were then allowed to marry local women, even Spanish women, and their offsprings became subjects of Spain.

Thus, the full name of a Chinese ancestor would read like a one-word surname: Cojuangco, Landicho, Ongpin, Cuyegkeng, Tambunting, Tiongson, Yuchengco, Yupangco, Limcaoco, Ongpauco, Tanchanco, Yaptinchay, Gozon, etc.

But even with that, traditional Chinese culture deeply grew its roots in the Philippines and the Chinese did not lose its age-old family traditions.

But her father is distant and often absent, which leaves her hungry for genuine affection.

Aurora searches for love and ends up marrying an immigrant from China.Today, modern Chinese-Filipino families allow their children to marry Filipinos.But many of them still respect tradition and or would still prefer that the Filipino would have some Chinese blood.Making of ‘Broken Mirror’ THIS is Aurora Teo Mei Ling’s story as it happened to her. A real person went through all the experiences that are chronicled in this book.Names, locations and some details were altered to protect the identity of her children. is a largely autobiographical account of Aurora’s life that she narrated and Gamboa wrote. She grew up in a family held together by her strong-willed Chinese father and she married an immigrant from China, so naturally those facts influenced our setting.Patriarchal in family structure, a member of a traditional Chinese-Filipino family may be denied of his or her inheritance, and is likely to be disowned by his or her family by marrying an outsider without permission.