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Dett and I held down the fort in the Mc Clain Weight Room and Myrland covered the old weight room under the stadium at the time for some of the Olympic sports.In either case the weight rooms were under ground so you came in when it was dark and left when it was dark!

Mike Arthur was a real mentor to us all and is still over Olympic sports at UNL. So while I was cutting teeth with the Huskers strength program in the '80s we had a lot of alums in the NFL training with us in the offseason.Kennedy was at Ohio State and Texas A & M and is now with the Tampa Bay Bucs.We all worked full time plus and managed to pull off college at the same time as undergraduates!Logged 20 years between Nebraska and Wisconsin athletics before going private in 2001 to start my consulting firm, Sports Alliance Inc.that broadened my sport exposures to Olympic, Pro and Military athletes.• Strength Staff UNL Athletics ‘82• Strength Staff Wisconsin Athletics ’90-‘93• Sports Nutrition Director UNL Athletics ’94-‘01• Started Private Practice ’01-Present I knew nutrition was going to be my direction from the time I arrived at the University of Nebraska back in January of '82, but back in those days you had to have some dual utility (strength or medicine) to find employment, so I tested the waters under Boyd Epley (UNL Strength Coach) and got traction after sending him this letter (yes from a typewriter).Epley had piles of similar letters, but it was the nutrition ambitions that pulled this letter out of the pile and began what is now a 30 plus year adventure working in athletics (30 years in '11).

Legendary ATC George Sullivan sent me to my first ACSM meeting as a frosh in college to learn how to do skin folds on Husker athletes.

She actually got the ball rolling on the whole deal by hiring Barry and helping get more minority athletes into that not so easy University.

And the rest is all history with Barry going on to take the Wisconsin AD job that he still holds.

On the left, Dave Rimington and on the far right is Dean Steinkuhler.

Rimington won the Outland Trophy, given to the nation's top interior offensive or defensive lineman, in 19, and is its only two-time winner.

The Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin at the time....