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Hot sexchat sample - Irish babe chat room

Well, from my very recent and extraordinary experience, I now know a lot more about why us voyeuristic husbands always think along those thoughts: ….it’s because we have a ‘sixth’ sense that there is, in actual existence, a strong sexual magnetism of a married white women to sample a young inexperienced Negro male; especially those wives who are seasoned and confident in the ways of sex and sexuality: like my own wife.We also know, whether we admit it or not, that to the sexually charged married women: size does matter.

One look at him and you would see he is certainly built as an athlete.Not to mention the enormous plum shaped cock head which mushrooms to extraordinary proportions.I was staggered but also entranced by the spectacle and beauty of their sex.We first invited him to our home one weekend last summer and I spent most of the time observing from a discreet place, this young black boy having incredible intercourse with my stunning blonde wife.The fact that my wife is a very beautiful woman with a body to match was what drew this young black male to our home; like a magnet.For the last seven months, my wife, who is 33, and stunningly beautiful, has had a young black male lover of only 19 years of age.

At our invitation, he visits’ us in our country home for the sole purpose of sexually fulfilling my wife’s unbridled sexual appetite for deep penetration sex.Then, gently his muscular black body rose from my wife and I watched absorbedly as his still large but now slackening cock slid smoothly out of her. My wife moaned softly as the colossal mushroom head extricated itself from her enlarged and gaping pussy lips, which was quickly followed by a ceaseless stream of his thick pale liquid oozing gently out and trickling slowly down the curve of my wife’s tanned buttocks and onto the bed.This lover of hers, is an intelligent and truly handsome young man with a gentle nature, and for that reason my wife greatly prefers him to others we’ve met as her principal sexual partner.Little wonder when this supposedly boyish cock, which is uncut and very thickly veined for such a young man, is an amazing 10 inches in length and an unbelievable 7 inches in circumference in full erection.It also has such a savage rigidness to it, so that, even when he’s crouching preparing to penetrate my wife, his cock is straight and true before him and needs little guiding.Each contraction of his fabulous black cock was fast followed by a deep-chested grunt of very obvious and thorough male satisfaction, telling me with agonising certainty that this fantastic lover of my wife was ejaculating deep and free in her, his muscular young black butt clenching furiously to hold his final thrust fully home while she writhed and moaned beneath him, doubtless feeling herself take each thumping warm spurt of semen deep inside her.

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