High school senior dating junior

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High school senior dating junior - best lesbian online dating sites

She doesn't have the freedoms you have as an adult, and if you want to date her, realistically you have to do it either with their permission, or behind her parents backs.

All but one female member of my senior prom had a college student as a date.To me, i would think someone who is maintaining there life, and in college is a godsend, but apparently i'm a pedofile -__- First of, "IMHO" doesn't make any sense here. For more extended advice, convince me this is genuine.If you are asking us if we think a 20 year old dating a 17 year old is "that bad", then prefacing that question with "in my humble opinion" is nonsensical. I'd let you see our fb's but thats a little much, it's genuine, but she tried before, and the cops scared her into returning(well they didn't force her home immediately, i told them she was at my house and they said, just have her home by tomorrow, and i was like tomorrow 8pm okay? i've had bad situations with sex so im not ready for it again.There are TONS of cute, smart, available 18-22 year olds at your disposal, and you have your heart set on a 17 year old child, despite the difficulties imposed by her parents.I suggest that you will have a much easier time if you start dating girls your own age. i'm thinking i'm just going to keep the relationship going and wait it out, maybe they'll come around.My suggestion is to put the brakes on the relationship at least until she turns 18, or even better until she moves out on her own.

There have been a bunch of these "Large age disparity between partners" questions lately, and in this case I'm not going to sugar-coat it: a 20 year old college student wanting to date a girl in high school is creepy.

The dad hates me, but he's kinda..imo, the mom doesnt hate me persay, just thinks i'm a cocky asshole because she tried to tell me i could be arrested, and that the age of consent was 18, when its 17, i showed her and she said i'm a cocky asshole -_-. She needs to be away from a father that's hitting 17 year olds.

Her dad said we're *broken up* and she said no, well he said you are under 18, you have to believe what i force you to believe(although you can not ever force someones mindset like that, all it takes to be *Dating, or bf and gf, is to have that mindset to both the male and female, we blocked them from FB in which they asked us to unblock them because they want to see if it says in a relationship, but we said we wouldnt unblock them, and they force her to church when she doesn't believe, which is weird to force someone like that. There's absolutely no moral problem at all with a 2 year old doing anything at all with a 17 year old and I can't see anyone thinking otherwise.

Well, i turned 20 on april 22nd, and my girlfriend turns 18 on july 21st.

i usually follow the rule for dating as your age divided by two 7= lowest to date, in which is 17.

The HS freshmen were after juniors, seniors wanted college students, and college freshmen pursued the seniors and grad students. " I understand the lifestyle differences between a high school and college student making the match unappealing, but implying that there's something pedophilic about it... I think this is more of a control issue with her parents, she's never ever been rebellious what so ever until she's dated me, but from what i see i think there's a huge issue brewing.

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