Hebrew coin dating

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Altogether, coins from nine years are there, says Dr.Donald Tzvi Ariel, head of the Coin Department at the IAA, adding.

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For another, the inhabitants filled the rooms next to the outer wall of the estate building with big rocks, creating a fortified barrier, Tendler says.The second side contains a motif of a lulav (a bundle made from closed frond of the date palm tree, myrtle and willow branches) and an etrog (citron fruit), items used during the Jewish holiday, the Feast of Tabernacles. The IAA's announcement of the discovery coincides with the Ninth of Av, the Hebrew date where Jews commemorate the destruction of the Second Temple.The IAA and the Netivei Israel Company are working together to preserve the ancient village while they develop the highway.Its archaeologists made the discovery while digging at a site slated for the construction of a new neighborhood in Modiin.Closer analysis of the coins showed that the cache contains one or two coins from every year between 135 to 126 BCE.The story of these false shekels or censer pieces perhaps begins at a reproduction of the Holy Sepulcher church in Prussia in 1480 with the fabrication of the first known copies and ends in England in 1917 with the famous Balfour Declaration, a document that favored the creation of a homeland for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.

But the line between these two events and dates is a intricate path through the history of the Jews in Europe. Some of these imitations of the shekel were given the label, 'censer pieces', because of a misinterpretation of a part of the design on the authentic coins.Instead, these strange copies were considered to be quaint tokens of an 19th century religious revival and a renewed interest in the Bible among Christians.However, their history begins much earlier than this date and their origins or functions are far more interesting. They had been minted farther north, in the city of Tyre, and bear the images of the king, Antiochus VII and his brother Demetrius Israeli, stated Avraham Tendler, director of the excavation on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority.The small hoard was found hidden in a rock crevice by a wall of an impressive agricultural estate, the Israel Antiquities Authority stated.A 2,000-year-old trove of rare bronze coins from a Late Second Temple Period Jewish settlement was discovered in Israel, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced today.

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