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Although primarily silty, these soils contain up to 45% clay, giving rise to low plasticity clay behaviour.

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However, if it is a brain illness with devastating medical, social, financial, professional, individual and family consequences, it is appropriate that there should be state funding for rehabilitation through the Twelve Step programme leading to long-term abstinence.

Mind you, man of the people Rotheram, 50, is no cheap date.

In his latest entry in this month's Register of MPs' Interests, he reveals he had two tickets worth £1,000 'in the Royal box with lunch provided' to watch Liverpool at the Carling Cup Final, courtesy of Wembley Stadium.

Unfortunately two of Lewis's friends, comic Barry Cryer and Barbara Windsor, were no-shows.

Reports Lewis: 'Barry wasn't let in by the porters – he kept asking for me instead of asking for Gove, who was the host.

Elsewhere in the drier parts of South Canterbury loess deposits commonly form vertical exposures and evidence of slope instability is comparatively rare.

The current understanding of the geotechnical characteristics of these deposits is based on a limited number of studies with restricted geographic extent.

If so, enjoy these video stills from my collection of guys tied up or bound in movies and TV shows.

Loess and loess-derived soils cover much of Canterbury, from the foothills of the Southern Alps to the Pacific Coast.

Sian, 47, pictured, tells Radio Times: 'I've given all my news-reader jackets to a charity shop.' What a pity.

Surely her erstwhile, gnomish colleague, Bill Turnbull, could have put them to good use?

He also had two tickets worth £750 'in the Royal Box with lunch provided' to watch Liverpool in the FA Cup semi-final, courtesy of the Football Association.

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