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“And so their only other option is to be charged a tax on child support payments that they are entitled too – the Tories have shown a complete lack of compassion by introducing this charge and even worse, they actually risk putting the lives of domestic abuse victim-survivors and their children in real danger.

Fast-forward to the 2010 earthquake when over 300,000 (the report says 220,000) died and over a million lost their homes.The Child Support Agency – which processes child maintenance payments between parents – is closing down and will be replaced by the Child Maintenance Service (CMS).Changes to how the service operates means that the parent caring for the children will either be charged a 4% collection fee (for administrative costs) for using the service or must give their bank details to the other parent directly in what is known as a “family-based” arrangement.Supported by the Clinton Foundation and taking office through vote-switching engineered by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Martelly's regime was one marked by fraud and association with the notorious thug and drug smuggler Guy Philippe, who is now being held in Miami on a drug warrant that is over ten years old. Although Jovenel Moïse increased his votes from 2015, "the main reason why he was able to win in the first round was that all three other candidates lost significant numbers of votes." Jude Celestin received 185,000 fewer votes, and Moise Jean-Charles 104,000."If these candidates had simply received the same number of votes as last year, Jovenel Moïse would not have been able to win in the first round." Moise is on very shaky ground with the courts, the electorate, and the Haiti Diaspora. Moise Jean Charles and Jude Celestin (candidates in the run-off) issued a joint press release rejecting the Jovenel Moise installation, which they term an "Electoral Coup." As I mentioned earlier the report also cites disarray in the ONI. Haiti's civil registry is maintained by the Office National de l'Identification (ONI).The fundamental premises and principles of this discipline are presented below.

The principles of evolutionary educational psychology represent the foundational assumptions for an evolutionary educational psychology.

Hundreds of thousands are still living in makeshift camps, some still in plastic tents, shockingly seven years post earthquake.

Then Hurricane Matthew hit, displacing more and destroying more records.

On November 20, 2016 representatives from the National Lawyers Guild-International Association of Democratic Lawyers, (NLG-IADL) sent a delegation to Haiti to observe the vote. The report shows Haiti's President-elect Jovenel Moise (who is under investigation for money laundering and drug smuggling-my emphasis) received votes from only 9.6% of registered voters and that there is a completely messed up civil registry (ONI).

I have had the unformatted report in my hands for a few days, but it has been embargoed until today. In addition, according to the report, Haitians stayed away from the polls.

A new President is scheduled to be sworn in tomorrow, February 7.

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