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The Mediterranean diet encourages eating plenty of fish and seafood, which are rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, in place of red meat.Crumbled feta cheese and cucumber slices add flavor and a Greek flair to salmon burgers, without a ton of extra calories.

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Roasted with olive oil, salt, and pepper, potatoes are a filling, nutrient-rich side dish.

Rather than live on white bread and pasta alone, the Greeks are known to mix it up with healthy, high-fiber alternatives like bulgur.

This nutty-tasting grain, along with tomatoes and feta cheese, is often used to make traditional tabbouleh salad.

Try this recipe: Greek Salmon Burgers Greek salads are light, refreshing, and healthy—thanks in part to their simple and easy-to-make dressings.

To make your own (and avoid the added sugars and preservatives found in many store-bought brands), simply combine heart-healthy olive oil with vinegar or lemon juice and a touch of honey.

So what better way to introduce them to the Mediterranean diet than with a Greek-style pizza?

By adding vegetables or fruit (like spinach and olives), you can increase the nutrient and fiber content of your everyday pie.Chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) are another great legume that can add texture and taste to salads.Paired with rice, veggies, pine nuts, and oregano, they make a satisfying—and all-natural—afternoon snack.Try this recipe: Greek Tabbouleh"Legumes are a super power food in terms of getting more protein and fiber into your diet," says Mossavar-Rahmani.Adding beans and lentils to snacks and side dishes will help fill you up faster and prevent overeating later on, she adds.A cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet is an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables.

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