Good dating ads tag line

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Reddit: Bitcoin – The world’s greatest internet forum for all things Bitcoin. It pays quickly after you view the webpage, so definitely check this one out. The payouts are less, but it has a decent variety of ads.

If you aren’t on Reddit, then your 2 days behind everything. Gox – The worlds most popular marketplace for Bitcoin. Bit Bin – A convienent place to post your pastes, and earn Bitcoin for your content.

Currently giving away a little bit of free Bitcoin. Google Drive Wallet – A nifty tool for keeping track of your balances. Bitcoin National Subreddits – A nifty and updated list of the countries with their own subreddits for Bitcoin.

Bit Vegas – If you have Minecraft, you need to check it out. Useful for talking with your neighbors, and of course spreading the word about your favorite blog. Coin Post – A useful site similar to Ebay for Bitcoin.

Not yet confirmed payouts for me, if anyone else has gotten confirmed, please drop a comment with proof and ill donate. You can register for an hourly prize plus jump in on the Chat room, a good spot for up-to-the minute BTC news. I like this site but it hasn’t paid out for me, yet. Jobs4Bitcoins – Subreddit for turning your skills into BTC.

You can get some fast paying survey work that pays pretty well. Take a look at the advertising though, its a no-lose-situation apparently. – Click the link for entry into this week’s contest, ending May 10th 2013.

Slush’s Bitcoin Mining Pool – There are tons of pools, but Slush’s is well known and popular.

Distributed Bitcoin Mining, with income based on shares.Deepbit Mining Pool – Much like Slush’s, but presented for some modicum of fairness. Havelock Investments – Invest your hard earned bitcoin. Zerohedge – One of the best sites on the web for Bitcoin news and analysis. Beware the comments, it is straight Fight Club up in there. Bit Vegas – Gambling isn’t really my thing, but Minecraft is.Minimum bet is .001BTC, but I don’t have much experience with it.Bit Hits – Coin Ticket – Once per Day, Can be a while between payouts.Free Coins – A new site with a faucet type pay out. Daily Bitstart – Another Faucet, with a built in advertising page a la Bitcoin Gem (I don’t link to the ponzi games).It pays quickly after you view the webpage, so definitely check this one out. The payouts are less, but it has a decent variety of ads.

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